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Evangelist can refer to:


  • one of the Four Evangelists, the authors of the canonical Christian Gospels in the New Testament
  • a Christian participant in evangelism, such as a minister who serves as an itinerant or special preacher, or a layperson who explains his or her beliefs to a non-Christian
  • Evangelist (Latter Day Saints), an office in the ministry of certain denominations in the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Evangelicalism, Christian theological view emphasizing personal conversion and the authority of the Bible.


  • Evangelist (Bach), the term for the tenor recitative part in oratorios and Passions of Johann Sebastian Bach that sings in recitative the words of the narrator of the Gospel excerpts included, for example, in the Christmas Oratorio, the St John Passion and the St Matthew Passion
  • more generally Evangelist is the term used for the analogous part in works by other composers (e.g. Heinrich Schütz's Weinachtshistorie, Matthäuspassion, Lukaspassion, Johannespassion)