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Evangelos Natsis Georgiou (Greek: Ευάγγελος Νάτσης Γεωργίου; Bulgarian and Macedonian Вангел Георгиев) born 1876 in Srempeno (Σρέμπενο) or Srebreno (Сребрено), Ottoman Empire, now Asprogeia, Florina regional unit;[1] died May 12, 1904. He is also known as Strempeniotis or Capetan Vangelis.[2]

In 1897, he volunteered for military service in the Greco-Turkish War (1897). In 1904, he was one of the first who began the Macedonian Struggle. He co-operated with Germanos Karavangelis, who brought him in contact with volunteers who had just arrived from Crete. He organized his own troop and inflicted many losses on the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO), most importantly the extermination of Voivod Kirchev.

On 12 May 1904, returning from Bitola, where he had faced IMRO troops, he was killed in an ambush at Aetos, now Florina regional unit.

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