Deaconess Hospital (Evansville, Indiana)

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For hospitals with a similar name, see Deaconess Hospital (disambiguation).
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Location southwestern Indiana, southeastern Illinois, northwestern Kentucky, United States
Coordinates 37°59′00″N 87°34′15″W / 37.9834°N 87.5708°W / 37.9834; -87.5708Coordinates: 37°59′00″N 87°34′15″W / 37.9834°N 87.5708°W / 37.9834; -87.5708
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Deaconess Hospital is a two-campus healthcare and is one of the three trauma-care institutions serving the Evansville, Indiana, and Newburgh, Indiana Area. The Main Hospital is located along First Avenue and Virginia Street just north of and sometimes considered inside Downtown Evansville. The other hospital, named Deaconess Gateway Hospital, is located just off Interstate 164, immediately east of Evansville in Warrick County and is addressed to Newburgh, Indiana.