Even Madder Aunt Maud

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Even Madder Aunt Maud (full name: Maud MacMuckle; also known as EMAM) is one of the principal characters in Philip Ardagh's best-selling books 'The Eddie Dickens Trilogy'. Even Madder Aunt Maud is Mad Uncle Jack’s wife, making her Eddie’s Even Madder Great-Aunt Maud. She is to be seen anywhere and everywhere accompanied by her pet stoat, Malcolm. Although she is a bit mad, she always has perfectly reasonable explanations for things, or at least they are reasonable in her mind.[1]

Mad Things She Has Done[edit]

  • The only time she has fallen in love was with a with hollow carnival float in the shape of a cow, whom she called Marjorie and now lives inside.
  • Has glued herself to an African elephant on her honeymoon.
  • Mistook Queen Victoria for a friend and insulted her.
  • Thwarted the plans of Charles to inhibit many Cretan princesses.
  • Jabs people with Malcolm when in desperate need of help.
  • Is generally very dominant and overpowering.
  • Found Rizzo in an envelope inside a giant goat named Magellan.