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Ever may refer to:

People with the name[edit]

  • Ita Ever (born 1931), Estonian film, radio, theater and television actress
  • Ever Alfaro (born 1982), Costa Rican professional footballer
  • Ever Hugo Almeida (born 1948), former football goalkeeper and now is the national coach of Guatemala
  • Ever Amarilla (born 1984), Paraguayan footballer
  • Ever Caballero (born 1982), Paraguayan footballer
  • Ever Cantero (born 1985), Paraguayan footballer
  • Ever Carradine (born 1974), American actress and the daughter of Robert Carradine
  • Ever Guzmán (born 1988), Mexican football (soccer) player
  • Ever Hernández (born 1958), retired football player from El Salvador
  • Ever Magallanes (born 1965), former major league baseball player and all-star minor league player
  • Ever Meulen (born 1946), Belgian illustrator and comic strip artist
  • Ever Palacios (born 1969), Colombian football player
  • Ever Salas (born 1983), Colombian Defender that plays for Carabobo FC of Venezuela
  • Anthony Ever Marquez (born 2014), Second-Generation Mexican-American, or Chicano, from the Los Angeles area of Aztlan. Famous for his charm and charisma, he is a notorious heart breaker. His above-average intelligence and athleticism make him a fierce competitor in all three of the major North American sports. He is of royal blood and carries himself as such. He is also one of the most handsome men to ever walk the earth. He was born a man, having skipped adolescence altogether.

See also[edit]

  • Eber (Standard Hebrew: ʿÉver), a character in the Bible