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Ever After High
Type Fashion doll, web series, book series
Company Mattel
Country Universal
Availability 2013–present
Official website

Ever After High is a web series and a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July 2013. It is a companion line to the popular Monster High dolls. However, in this line the characters are based upon characters from fairy tales and fantasy stories. As with Monster High, the line varies in different countries.


Ever After High is a toy-line based on the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairy tale characters. Created by Mattel, the producers of the Monster High line, these dolls follow in the hyper cute, mis-proportioned style of their predecessors. The first wave of fashion dolls included: Raven Queen, Apple White, Briar Beauty,and Madeline Hatter. This released was followed by: C.A. Cupid, Cerise Hood, Cedar Wood, Blondie Lockes, Ashlynn Ella, and Hunter Huntsman. Additional updated versions of some characters as well as doll accessories have also been released.


Ever After High storyline is based on the lives of the teenage children of fairytale characters who are supposedly destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps in order keep their stories alive throughout the generations. People think that if they don't, these stories supposedly will cease to exist and the characters will disappear into oblivion. This controversial problem is the core conflict of the story. The main characters are Raven Queen, who is unhappy with her destiny, and Apple White, who is destined to "live happily ever after." Raven would prefer to create a new destiny for herself, while Apple White believes that if Raven changes her own story, this will put her own "happily ever after" in jeopardy. The school is divided into two cliques, the "Royals" and the "Rebels". The Royals are supporters of Apple, who embrace their destinies and are content with their fates. The Rebels are supporters of Raven, who prefer the idea of creating their own destinies. Many disagreements and fights result between the groups.


  • Apple White, voiced by Jonquil Goode, is the Royal protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of Snow White. She is destined to marry Daring Charming and become a great queen. She considers Raven one of her best friends and supports her, but can't understand Raven and the rebels' desire to not follow their destinies and hopes to get Raven to follow their story so she can get her happy ending. She is the most popular girl in school, and is aware of this knowledge. She is the co-president of the Royal Student Council. She defines her self to be a leader and will be surprised if nobody listens to her. She has light blond curls, blue eyes, and red lips.
  • Raven Queen, voiced by Erin Fitzgerald is the Rebel protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of the Evil Queen. She doesn't want to be evil and hated. She basically doesn't want to be her mother, the Evil Queen. She has magic powers, like her mother, but hates using them because they can only be used to do evil things. She is anyone by Apple's apathy, but still loves her as a friend and is glad that she still stands by her even though she doesn't approve of Her Rebellion. She has black hair with purple highlights.
  • Briar Beauty, voiced by Kate Higgins, is the Royal daughter of Sleeping Beauty. She insists to make life count before her one-hundred year sleep. Because of this, she is known to plan the best parties. She is the most fashionable person in school, following in her being the official trend setter. She also has a love of all extreme sports and usually would rather jump out of the window than use the door. Unfortunately, because of her destiny, she often falls asleep at the most random times.
  • Madeline Hatter, voiced by Cindy Robinson, is the Rebel daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She is known by her friends as Maddie. She has a dormouse named Earl Grey and she has tea time all the time. She works at the Wonderlandian Habberdashy and Tea Shoppe along with her father. She also speaks Riddlish, has a magic top hat, and is capable of doing things that are impossible, such as eating rocks. However, she can only do the impossible if she doesn't know it's impossible yet. She is co-president of the Royal Student Council. Due to Raven's mother's destroying Wonderland, Maddie, Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Cheshire, and the few others who managed to escape had their destinies altered. She can also communicate with the narrators, and nobody else can. Sometimes she says things like tea-riffic and wonderlandiful.
  • C.A. Cupid, also voiced by Erin Fitzgerald, is the adopted daughter of Eros who originally attended Monster High, but transferred to Ever After High so she could help people find true love. She also has a crush on Dexter Charming. She owns a Mirror Cast that gives advice about love. Coincidentally, she had a radio station in Monster High that gave advice about love.
  • Ashlynn Ella, voiced by Laura Bailey is the royal daughter of Cinderella. She was secretly dating Hunter, but now it's not a secret anymore. She is a vegan and loves Mother Nature. She is the only princess besides Poppy to work an afterschool job, in Ashlynn's case The Glass Slipper. She switched sides and became a rebel so she could be with him.
  • Hunter Huntsman, voiced by Grant George is the son of the Huntsman from Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. He was secretly dating Ashlynn, but now it's not a secret. He is a vegan.
  • Blondie Lockes, voiced by Julie Maddalena, is the royal daughter of Goldilocks. She claims to be royalty, and by "Blondie Branches Out", due to using the project at the end, she was telling the truth. And the Goldilocks who was her mother was a long line of Lockes, and many were declared queen before her, and she is also declared queen after being kidnapped by the bears and declaring to be a good girl. She wears German-inspired clothes and her main colors are blue and yellow. She runs the most popular Mirror Cast, and thinks of herself as a journalist.
  • Cedar Wood, also voiced by Jonquil Goode, is the rebel daughter of Pinocchio. She is cursed to tell the truth, unlike her father, and has a stuffed-up nose due to not being able to lie, making her sound nasal. Since she is made out of wood, she can float on water. She loves Arts & Crafts, and always makes stuff for her friends. She was also the very first one to find out about Hunter and Ashlynn's secret relationship, and was also the one to convince them to quit keeping it a secret.
  • Dexter Charming, voiced by Evan Smith, is the royal son of King Charming, the twin of Darling Charming, and younger brother to Daring Charming. It turns out there are many, many non-related Charmings. He does not know what his destiny is, but he can guess it has something to do with a prince. In the show, he has a huge crush on Raven Queen, but has been unable to confess his feelings due to his shyness. He tried to write her a love letter, but failed due to a misunderstanding.
  • Lizzie Hearts, voiced by Wendee Lee, is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. She also speaks Riddlish. She has a magic deck of cards that she can use to build anything. She appears angry and violent to others because of her constant screaming "off with their heads!", but secretly wishes she could be a kinder, less blood-thirsty queen.
  • Darling Charming, no voice actress, is a book-only character who hasn't yet appeared in the webisode series. She is the only daughter of King Charming, and has platinum blond hair. She is also Dexter's twin and has the ability to speed up or slow down time.
  • Duchess Swan, voiced by Stephanie Sheh, is the daughter of the Swan Princess from Swan Lake. She is infamous in her behavior, because of her desire of a happily ever after. She loves to dance, and has the ability to turn into a black deep puprple swan. She takes particular delight in tormenting Raven and other 'evil' people. In the show, she will ruin anything to take over a princess' role.
  • Hopper Croakington III, voiced by Cam Clarke, is the son of the Frog Prince. When he is nervous, tongue-tied or embarrassed he turns into a frog, which is his more poetic form. He has a very low opinion of toads. He also has a crush on Briar Beauty.
  • Sparrow Hood, voiced by Todd Haberkorn, is the son of Robin Hood. He is friends with Duchess Swan and is distantly related to Cerise Hood. He carries his guitar with him at all times, and loves to sing about random things. In the books, he doesn't like Raven Queen and has tormented her since they were kids. After Legacy Day, he and the merry men take Raven's side and start to be somewhat nicer to her.
  • Cerise Hood, voiced by Rena S. Mandel, is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. She is in terms a werewolf and her strength, speed, and endurance is increased because of this. In the book, the only person who knows is Raven and in the webisodes, Raven and Kitty knows and Cerise keeps it a secret because she would be considered an abomination, and her family could possibly be banished for breaking the rules, as their family were the first Rebels. She is distantly related to Sparrow Hood, as Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood have different relations.
  • Daring Charming, voiced by Evan Smith, is the royal son of King Charming and older brother to Dexter and Darling Charming. He is destined to marry Apple White, although pretty much every girl at school has a crush on him. Because of that, he tends to be a bit of a flirt. He is very popular, unlike his shy brother Dexter, and his smile can blind people and cause girls to faint. Usually he has a tendency to be arrogant and self-centered.
  • The Merry Men, not voiced but are the men companions of Sparrow Hood (the leader) and play as a rock band (showing up in the episode "True Hearts Day Part 3").
  • Kitty Cheshire, voiced by Bekka Prewitt, is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She, just like her father, has a wide smile and can be invisible. She does not like to help people, preferring to cause trouble and drama. She also speaks Riddlish. She tries to "spill the beans" when she finds out that Cerise Hood is part wolf.
  • Melody Piper, also voiced by Laura Bailey, is the daughter of Pied Piper. She loves to DJ and has her own album. Her father is the muse-ic teacher at the school.
  • Three little pigs, voiced by Audu Paden, are the sons of the Three Little Pigs. In "Replacing Raven" the littlest pig wanted to substitute Raven's role, but soon realized he wanted to be a balloonatic.
  • Tiny, voiced by Malcolm Danare, is a giant, and the son of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. He is soft spoken, and is often clumsy, but a graceful dancer.
  • Humphrey Dumpty, is the son of Humpty Dumpty. He runs a record studio out of his dorm room, and is portrayed as a computer geek that can hack anything. In the episodes, he is portrayed as a human, as opposed to the books where he is described as an animate egg.
  • Holly O'Hair, the Royal twin daughter of Rapunzel. She is cursed to have hair that grows back wildly, and, since she was born first, she got the Rapunzel destiny, but in "O'Hair's Split Ends" it is found that Poppy is the older twin. They keep that a secret to themselves and continued as if they had never known. Holly has a fear of heights.
  • Poppy O'Hair, voiced by Lindsay Ames, the Rebel twin daughter of Rapunzel. She is the younger twin, and has shorter hair than Holly has, which she dyed half of it purple. Since she was born after Holly, she has no destiny, leaving her to choose her class schedules. In "Poppy the Roybel" Poppy was torn between Royal and Rebel, so she chose both varieties of classes, but in "O'Hair's Split Ends" it is found that Poppy is the older twin. They keep that a secret to themselves and continued as if they had never known. Poppy has been shown in the webisode series, such as the "True Hearts Day" lining, but has not been voiced, as she was only shown there in the glass window doing Apple's hair. She owns her own salon and loves styling hair. She is now a Roybel, instead of a Rebel.
  • Milton Grimm, voiced by Jamieson Price, is the headmaster. He takes the Royals' side, and is obsessed with destiny. In the book, the Evil Queen said that his good guy act was just that - an act - and that he was only concerned about preserving his own power. He tried to bully, threaten and trick Raven into following her destiny, but failed.
  • Giles Grimm, voiced by Cam Clarke, is the headmaster’s brother who lives in The Vault under Ever After High and is cursed to speak only in "Riddlish" which Madeline Hatter, Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire can speak. He is the Rebels’ side of the brothers. He was the one who told Raven and Maddie that Legacy Day was a hoax and that the book they signed held no true power. He also told them that 'Raven can change her fate and the fate of others like her by claiming her own happily ever after.'
  • Baba Yaga, voiced by Kate Higgins, is a counselor who appears to be nice enough in the show, but in the book she is an old sorceress who disapproves of Apple being a blond and wants Raven to be evil. Her sorcery level is 38.
  • Coach Gingerbreadman, voiced by Audu Paden, is a member of staff. He teaches Grimmnastics. In the show he appears to be traumatized by being chased by bakers.
  • Jack B. Nimble, voiced by Audu Paden, is a member of staff.
  • Pied Piper, voiced by Cam Clarke, is the music teacher. He is also Melody Piper's father.
  • Rumpelstiltskin, voiced by Audu Paden teaches Science and Sorcery class. He tries actively to make his students fail so they can get detention and be forced to spin his straw into gold.
  • Step Librarians, voiced by Valerie Arem, are members of staff.
  • White Queen, voiced by Stephanie Sheh, is a member of staff. She is a counselor and teaches Crownculus. She makes her students imagine six impossible things before class.
  • Delivery Goose, voiced by Audu Paden. He delivered shoes to Ashlynn in "Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal" and delivered party decorations to C.A. Cupid in "True Hearts Day Part 2", the webisode, and the TV special, "True Hearts Day".
  • Narrators, are the narrators of the franchise whom Madeline hatter can communicate with. The male narrator is voiced by Joe Sanfelipo, and the female narrator is voiced by Valerie Arem. However, in the books there is one narrator.
  • Madam Maid Marian, is the teacher of Princessology. In "The Beautiful Truth" She seems to see that being beautiful is the only meaning of beauty pageants.
  • Nanny Nona, is Holly's and Poppy's grandma and caretaker. She was the one who informed Poppy that she switched the birth certificates.


Ever After High has released a website,[1] and a series of webisodes on YouTube.[2] The first two describe the stories of the lead characters Raven and Apple, and were released on 30 May 2013. A TV special aired in the Fall of 2013.

Book series[edit]

An Ever After High book has been released in October 2013, titled "Storybook of Legends",[3] written by Shannon Hale. A sequel entitled "The Unfairiest of Them All" has been released in March 2014. It is also said that a third book will be released in August 2014. According to American National Toy Fair, the series is a trilogy, so the book series will end on August 2014.[4] They will be published by Little, Brown and Company based upon their success with the Monster High series of books.

In-store marketing[edit]

In the US the dolls are currently available at many stores including Justice,[5] Target,[6] Toys R Us[7] along with various merchandise including T-shirts, journals and jewelry based on the line. In the UK, Debenhams, ASDA, Argos and Tesco currently sells the dolls.

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