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Everett Transit
Everett Transit logo.png
Everett Transit.JPG
Founded 1893
Headquarters 3201 Smith Ave.
Locale Everett, WA
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 13
Hubs Everett Station, Everett Community College Station & Everett Mall Station
Fleet 49
Director Tom Hingson
Website http://www.everetttransit.org/

Everett Transit is the public transit authority of Everett, Washington, the only city in Snohomish County not to belong to Community Transit. As of 2012, Everett Transit operates 49 buses within Everett on 13 routes. Its annual ridership in 2011 was 2.5 million.

Everett Transit became a department of the City of Everett in 1969, though it traces its roots back to the first public transit service to operate in the city, Everett City Lines, which began in 1893.

Route list[edit]

Route Weekend Service Start via End Notes
2 No Mall Station Southwest Everett, Mariner P&R Mall Station Unidirectional circulator.
3 Yes Everett Station View Ridge, Casino Rd. Boeing Serves Boeing during peak hours only.
4 No Everett Station EVCC, Colby Ave., Walnut St. Everett Station Circulator. Route 5 serves opposite direction.
5 Yes Everett Station EVCC, Colby Ave., Walnut St. Everett Station Circulator. Route 4 serves opposite direction.
6 No Everett Station Marine View Dr. Waterfront No off-peak service.
7 Yes EVCC Everett Station, Evergreen Way Mall Station
8 Yes Everett Station Hardeson Rd., Evergreen Way Airport Rd. & Evergreen Way
12 Yes Mall Station Casino Rd., Boeing, 100th St. Mall Station Unidirectional cirulator. Does not serve Boeing on weekends.
17 Saturday only Everett Station Colby Ave., Beverly Blvd. Everett Station
18 No Everett Station Mukilteo Blvd. Mukilteo Ferry Terminal
29 Yes EVCC Everett Station, Broadway, S. Everett P&R Mall Station
70 No Mukilteo Ferry Terminal (commuter/express) Boeing No off-peak service.
701 Yes Everett Station (express) Mall Station

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