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Type Private
Headquarters San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Area served United States
Industry Social media
Website http://www.everloop.com

Everloop is an online social media site for kids under 13.

The site uses loops (like Facebook groups) to give kids a place to interact. They are small communities created around interests in categories such as hobbies, photo sharing and video sharing.

In June 2011 Everloop launched EverText,[1][2][3][4][5] a moderated texting feature approved for kids.

In 2012, Everloop launched Goobit,[6] a social mobile app for kids.

In 2014,Everloop shut down after four years of fun. Check out the website to earn your summer packet. To learn more, call everloop. I think it's on their web.


Originally launched for girls under the name “Girl Ambition,”[7] the site was revamped for both girls and boys and relaunched in February 2011 under the name Everloop.com.[8]

Privacy and Safety[edit]

COPPA and Moderation[edit]

Everloop was created adhering to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) standards and uses privacy protection and monitoring technology to guard young users against bullying, bad language and inappropriate sharing of information. Everloop's safety features include parent authentication to join, word and phrase filters, live staff for moderation and customer support and community user reporting for suspicious or inappropriate behavior.


The site permits parents to monitor all friend requests and communication, but does not allow any parental posts to children's profile pages.

Digital Training Ground[edit]

The moderated social network, meant for children under the age of 13, prevents kids from posting profanity, engaging in cyberbullying or conducting other inappropriate behavior. Rather than simply deleting such posts, Everloop stops the child from posting and provides immediate feedback to correct inappropriate behavior.[9]



Everloop Awards[edit]

Everloop Products and Features[edit]


EverText is a SMS integration that is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).[11] The service utilizes privacy protection technologies, and enables kids to securely use mobile devices to broadcast updates to friends’ profiles or directly to their cell phones.[12]

EverText allows parents to moderate the number of texts kids can send, ranging from unlimited to 250 texts per month. When a child hits the limit, parents receive a note and can add text credit to the account or leave it as is until the next month.[13]


  • Loops
    • Loops are like Facebook groups, and based around friendships and shared interests such as sports, crafts, music and fan groups. Kids can join existing loops or start loops of their own. Parents use the parent dashboard to approve each loop their child joins.
  • Games
    • The Everloop Arcade offers more than 1,500 games for kids and includes partnerships with major game platforms such as Miniclip and Mochi Games.
  • Evercredits
    • Kids can earn or buy “Evercredits” which allow them to buy items from Everloop’s virtual store. Evercredits are earned through participation in the Everloop community or accounts can be funded through secure credit card transactions approved by parents.
  • Custom Profiles
    • Kids can create and customize their profiles and loops on Everloop with different backgrounds, colors and stickers.
  • Digital Parenting Advice
    • Everloop maintains a parents center that contains information, tips and news for parents on raising responsible digital citizens.



The company closed a seed round of $3.1 million[16] in 2011 backed by vFormation, Silicon Valley based Band of Angels, Envoi Ventures, Richard Chino formerly of Overture, Wayne Goodrich formerly of Apple, Deena Burnett-Bailey of Angels of Hope and additional investors. Everloop is in the process of raising its Series A.


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