Eversmile, New Jersey

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Eversmile, New Jersey
Eversmile, New Jersey Cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Carlos Sorín
Produced by Oscar Kramer
Written by Carlos Sorín
Jorge Goldenberg
Roberto Scheuer
Starring Daniel Day-Lewis
Mirjana Joković
Music by Steve Levine
Cinematography Esteban Courtalon
Edited by Luis César D'Angiolillo
Bryan Oates
Distributed by J&M Entertainment
Release dates
September 11, 1989
Running time
91 minutes
Country Argentina
United Kingdom
Language English

Eversmile, New Jersey (Spanish: Eterna sonrisa de New Jersey) is an Argentine and British comedy-drama film released in 1989, directed by Carlos Sorín, and written by Sorín, Jorge Goldenberg, and Roberto Scheuer.[1]

The film stars Daniel Day-Lewis as dentist Dr. Fergus O'Connell. Eversmile, New Jersey premiered on September 11, 1989 at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada.


Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Fergus O'Connell, an itinerant Irish dentist, offering his services free-of-charge to the isolated rural population of Patagonia, Argentina.

He's able to do this because of the supposedly no-strings sponsorship of a "dental consciousness" foundation. While his motorbike is being repaired, O'Connell meets Estela (Mirjana Joković), the garage-owner's daughter, and becomes affectionate towards her.

Both lovers have prior commitment: he is married, and she is engaged. Yet, they go off together all the same. After a series of surrealistic adventures, O'Connell discovers that there's a subliminal price tag attached to his altruistic free services.





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