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RAMP Holdings Inc. (called EveryZing until November 2009), is a company located in Woburn, Massachusetts which develops technology for delivering video content. The company spun out of former parent BBN Technologies in 2006.[citation needed] It was known as PodZinger before 2007.[1]


BBN has been in the government research business for four decades and built the first commercial node on the ARPANET. BBN’s core speech recognizer was developed from roughly $100MM in government research grants, centered primarily around DARPA’s Gale project.[2] EveryZing received initial funding for the spinout from BBN, as well as the core intellectual property. EveryZing has raised a second round of funding from Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners, and Fairhaven Capital. In May 2009, the company signed a lease in an office complex in Woburn, Massachusetts, with plans to relocate there.[3]


EveryZing has developed two products which are licensed primarily to large media companies. ezSEO is a white labeled, hosted search engine optimization solution for making audio and video discoverable with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.[4] ezSEARCH is a "universal site search" product which combines text, images, audio, and video.[5]


The company licenses its technology to media companies including NBC Universal, Fox, Cox Radio, CBS Radio, and Entercom Communications.[citation needed]


Tom Wilde, CEO. Formerly SVP/GM at Namemedia, VP/GM Global Search & Publishing at Lycos, VP Marketing at Fast Search & Transfer. Wharton MBA.[citation needed]

Stephen Baker, CRO. Formerly CEO Reed Business Search, and VP/GM Media at Fast Search & Transfer. Wharton MBA.[citation needed]