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Every Witch Way
Every Witch Way Logo.png
Genre Telenovela
Teen comedy
Contemporary fantasy
Teen drama
Created by
  • Mariela Romero
  • Catharina Ledeboer
Opening theme "Every Witch Way"
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 67 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • José Vicente Scheuren
  • Alicia Ávila
  • Tatiana Rodríguez
Camera setup
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Cinemat
Distributor Nickelodeon
Original channel Nickelodeon
Picture format
Audio format Stereo
Original release January 1, 2014 (2014-01-01) – present
Related shows Grachi
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Every Witch Way is an American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on January 1, 2014.[1] It is the American version of the Nickelodeon Latin American show Grachi.[2]

The first season aired as a "one month event", where the first 20-episode season aired every weeknight in January 2014. On March 13, 2014, Nickelodeon announced that they had commissioned a second season of Every Witch Way,[3] that aired from July 7[4] to August 8. On July 31, 2014, Nickelodeon renewed the show for a third season,[5] which premiered on January 5, 2015[6] and ended on January 30, 2015. On February 25, 2015, Nickelodeon renewed the show for a fourth season[7] and announced a spin-off titled The W.I.T.s Academy.[7]


Season 1[edit]

Emma Alonso moves with her father Francisco to the suburbs of Miami, Florida, where she learns that she is the "Chosen One", a witch who has great powers and abilities of her generation. Emma barely makes it through the school year with the help of Lily, the school nurse/Emma's guardian; Andi Cruz, her best friend; Daniel Miller, a mutual crush, and the rest of the Sharks, Iridium High's swim team. There are obstacles along the way, too: Maddie Van Pelt, the leader of the Panthers, a trio of the school's most popular girls, who is a newly profound witch and Daniel's ex-girlfriend, and the principal, Miss Torres: she is a 400 years old witch and the old Chosen One, too, but she's malicious. During the upcoming eclipse, she plans on taking Emma's powers, but fails after Maddie and Emma join forces, despite their differences, and destroy her with the help of the Hexoren, a book of spells that Emma inherited from her late mother. In the end, Daniel and Emma become a couple; also, after defeating the principal, both witches think they lose their powers, but in reality, Emma still has them, and she keeps this a secret from Daniel in season 2.

Season 2[edit]

It's a new year at Iridium High. The Witches' Council, the head of the magic world, has come to tell Emma that she cannot date Daniel, for the only way she can is to give up her powers and become human, as her mother did with Francisco. But because of her title as the "Chosen One," she cannot do that, but at the same time she refuses to go in the other direction. Maddie refuses to accept that she doesn't have her powers anymore: Sophie and Katie, the other Panthers, try to make her believe that she still has her powers with the help of Diego, a Churi Kanay (someone who has powers over the elements). The only reason Diego does this is in hopes that she will notice him more. The truth is that Maddie's mother, Ursula, received the powers and is using them in attempt to make Francisco fall in love with her.

Jax Novoa, an exchange student from Sydney, Australia, is the school's newest heartthrob. Francisco has been promoted to the position as principal and assigns his daughter to help show Jax around. While doing so, she has no suspicions that he is a wizard, but she learns it soon after. Andi and Daniel are suspicious of him, but Jax, who has a mysterious past, shuts everyone out and starts to have feelings for Emma. While almost everyone is blinded by his bad side, Emma sees his vulnerable side, too, and she slowly starts to fall for him. Then there's the Fool Moon, a moon that occurs every twenty years and causes a witch or wizard's powers to act oddly. The Fool Moon affects Desdemona, one member of the Witches' Council, who becomes evil and plans to take Emma's powers; also, Jax and E, Emma's evil clone, plan to do so, but Emma manages to get rid of E before she takes over the realm. At the end of season two, Daniel and Emma are still together.

Season 3[edit]

Summer is almost over for the Iridium High students. Emma is working as a waitress at the Beachside Seven, the gang's new hangout spot, while Daniel works as a life guard there as well. Andi is determined to prove herself to the Council and become a guardian, Jax is sent to boot camp, and Maddie and Diego try to fix the relationship between witches and kanays. A new girl, Mia, moves to Miami to take revenge on all witches because principal Torres killed her parents. Mia, who is a kanay like Diego, plans to destroy Emma and Maddie, with the help of the Cristal de Caballero. Mia traps everyone including Phillip in her basement and tries to destroy them then, but Emma chimes in and sends her away. Not only Emma has to stop Mia, she also has to choose who she wants to be with, Jax or Daniel. In the season finale, Emma chooses to be with Jax.

Season 4[edit]

Nickelodeon renewed the show for a fourth season on February 25, 2015.[7] The cast of Every Witch Way has confirmed the renewal, and along with the Season 4 renewal, a 20-episode spin-off called The W.I.T.s Academy.[7] It was also revealed that there will be two new characters, Jessie Novoa, Jax's younger, powerless sister, and Jake Novoa, Jax's father.[8]

Cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

  • Emma Alonso (Paola Andino)[9]
    A new student at Iridium High, Emma is the main character of the series, and also a witch. She's the Chosen One, the most powerful witch, and her guardian is Lily, the school nurse. In season 3, she is a waitress at the Beachside Seven and becomes more independent with her powers. In the season 3 finale, she chooses Jax over Daniel.
  • Daniel Miller (Nick Merico)[9]
    An athletic student at Iridium High and member of the Sharks. At the beginning he has had a constant on-and-off relationship with Maddie Van Pelt despite holding an interest in Emma. Eventually he fully breaks up with Maddie and begins to date Emma. He is also a human, not a wizard, thus making the Witch's Council pressure Emma into breaking up with him. He has a rivalry with Jax over Emma. In season 3, he is a lifeguard at the Beachside Seven, and soon gets Mia as his partner. This leads to her sending a spider onto him, making his 'inner wild' come out. Later, Mia removes it from Daniel because it made him sick. He is now the ex-boyfriend of Emma Alonso.
  • Maddie Van Pelt (Paris Smith)[9]
    A witch who is the school's most popular student, the leader of the Panthers, and Daniel's ex-girlfriend. She hated Emma in season 1, but now has come to see her as a 'frenemy'. In season 2 she holds a romantic interest in Diego, ending with them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. In season 3 she wants to fix the bond between witches and Kanays. She is often seen as 'mean', but truly does care for her friends and family.
  • Jax Novoa (Rahart Adams)
    A new student in season 2, who is a member of the Sharks and a rebel wizard who is impulsive with his powers, using them for his own interests. He is the heartthrob and bad boy of the school, and also has an interest in Emma. Later in the season, it's revealed that he had to follow the orders of his father and destroy the magic realm. Not many things are known of his family, just that his mother died when he was young and he has a pair of twin sisters who are currently with their father. Although Jax was a bit of a trouble-maker, he threw the whole plan for Emma, and still loves her. He has a rivalry with Daniel over Emma. In season 3, he is sent to Rebel's Boot Camp, which he graduates and begins growing closer to Emma. In the season 3 finale, Emma chooses him instead of Daniel.
  • Andi Cruz (Daniela Nieves)[9]
    Emma's best friend, a tomboy who is a member of the Sharks. Other than Emma, Emma's magical flying spell book, the Hexoren, is as well her best friend, often babysitting him and bringing him to school and even the beach. She also starts to become friends with Jax. In season 2, Emma has her virtual zombie boyfriend, Philip, come out of the game; by season 3, he returns again and stays for good. She is the only human known that can understand the Hexoren. She is now a guardian in training.
  • Diego Rueda (Tyler Alvarez)[9]
    Gigi's twin brother and Sharks member. He thought he was the last of the Churi Kanay (meaning "Son of Fire") who can control the elements, until Mia came. His family owns The Seven, as well as the Beachside 7, and he is seen often working there. In season 2, he has in interest in Maddie, but Ursula does not approve, so he tries to impress Maddie in every way that he can. In season 3, he and Maddie are dating, and they try to fix the bond between witches and Kanays.
  • Mia Black (Elizabeth Elias)
    A new girl in season 3. She is a rebel Kanay who wants all witches to be destroyed because one of them (principal Torres) killed her parents. She starts to actually fall for Daniel along the way through her scheme. Mia has a spider Kanay mark on her arm, which causes the persons 'inner wild' to come out. She changed after bonding with Emma in the video game they got trapped in. She belongs to a tribe of rebels.
  • Katie Rice (Denisea Wilson)[9]
    Member of the Panthers and one of Maddie's best friends. She wants to be the head Panther. Even though she acts popular, she is actually smart, and as well happens to have a 'geek side' where she would often refer to different fantasy and anime shows or games and LARPing. In season 3, she leaves the Panthers and becomes friend with Mia, although it was revealed she only did so to get information out of her.
  • Sophie Johnson (Autumn Wendel)[9]
    Member of the Panthers and another one of Maddie's best friends. She is a little dimwitted and very gullible. Other than Emma (and now Andi), she is one of the only characters to at least tolerate Jax.
  • Gigi Rueda (Zoey Burger)
    Diego's twin sister, school news reporter known as "Miss Information". In season 2, because of a spell, Gigi becomes Desdemona's minion, but is freed by Jax and E later on. In season 3, she is a waitress at the Beachside Seven, but blogs more than works. She is kept out of the loop of the magic going around in Miami, even after finding out, quickly having her memory erased, several times. She had a small crush on Jax when he first came to the school. Since Daniel (Mia in disguise) treated her nicely, she had a big crush on him.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Robert Miller (Louis Tomeo)
    Daniel's brother. Oldest and leader of the Terrible 3 and their best inventor.
  • Melanie Miller (Jackie Frazey)
    Daniel's sister. The middle child and only girl of the Terrible 3 as well as the smartest.
  • Tommy Miller (Jason Drucker)
    Daniel's brother. Youngest of the Terrible 3 and most hyperactive.
  • Philip Van Pelt (Liam Obergfoll)
    Andi's zombie boyfriend from a video game she hacked. He appeared in season 2, but was sent back because he was dangerous. He can understand what the Hexoren is saying, although not many people do. By season 3, he returns and Ursula adopts him, making him a Van Pelt. He is also turned into a human boy by Emma.
  • Oscar (Ethan Estrada)
    Diego and Gigi's cousin. A new character on season 3. Member of the H2O, a new group similar to the Terrible 3, he and his brother Hector had the T3 framed many times for doing their (the H2O's) pranks, and they pranked in the season 3 finale.
  • Hector (Nicolás James)
    Diego and Gigi's cousin. Oscar's younger brother and member of the H2O, he and his brother Oscar had the T3 framed many times for doing their (the H2O's) pranks, and they were pranked in the season 3 finale.
  • Ursula Van Pelt (Katie Barberi)
    Maddie's mother who holds feelings for Francisco despite them not being returned. She doesn't approve Maddie and Diego dating. She wants to prove herself as a hero to the council. In season 2, Maddie's powers landed on her, and she never revealed it to her daughter, though eventually giving them back. In season 3, she adopts Philip.
  • Francisco Alonso (Rene Lavan)
    Emma's father; he becomes Iridium High's principal in season 2 due to former Principal Torres's defeat in the first season. He doesn't like Daniel at all. He does not know that Emma is a witch, though his wife was one.
  • Lily (Melissa Carcache)
    The school's nurse and Emma's guardian witch, she is powerless and depends on a magic kit. She becomes a member of the Witches' Council in season 2. In season 3, when Jax graduated from Rebels Boot Camp, it seemed that his father was no longer qualified to be his guardian, so Lily was put in that position.
  • Desdemona (Mia Matthews)
    Desdemona is Emma's new guardian while Lily is in training. The Fool Moon turns her into an evil witch bent on destroying the magic world, but she is changed back to normal by the last light. She does not approve of Emma dating Daniel. She is the smartest of the witches council.
  • Agamemnon (Todd Allen Durkin)
    Leader of the Witches' Council. He is the only wizard in the Witches' Council, and the supervisor of Rebels Boot Camp. He has a grand disliking for Jax.
  • Christine Miller (Whitney Goin)
    Daniel's mother.
  • Rick Miller (Jimmie Bernal)
    Daniel's father. He left after season 1.
  • Sebastian (Demetrius Daniels)
    Gigi's cameraman. In the season two finale, Jax turns him into a mouse when he went to the school to get a book from his locker. In season three, Daniel gives Mia his locker and it is unknown if he ever got it back. Daniel Darko scared him. Gigi once started a rumor about him dating Heather B.

Former characters[edit]

  • Tony Myers (Kendall Ryan Sanders)[9]
    A mathlete, amateur magician, and member of the Sharks, had a crush on Emma. Did not return for the second season because the character is attending a "magic academy".
  • Mac Davis (Mavrick Moreno)[9]
    Member of the Sharks and Diego's best friend who doesn't shower. Did not return for the second season due to the character moving to Texas.
  • Principal Torres (Michele Verdi)
    The principal of Iridium High in season 1 and main antagonist who wanted the Chosen One's powers, but was dispatched in that season's finale. She is seen in a flashback in season 3 when she destroyed the crystal and killed Mia's parents.
  • Coach Julio (Rafael de La Fuente)
    Adopted son of Miss Torres and the coach of the Sharks, who is revealed to a be a frog turned into a human.
  • E (Paola Andino)
    Emma's clone who represents Emma's evil side. She is named E by Jax. She plans to destroy the magic realm and be the last witch standing, but she was sucked through a magic portal and she was never found.
  • Ramona (Lisa Corrao)
    Third member of the Witches' Council, she is held in Limbo by Desdemona until the end of the second season, when she is freed by Maddie and Diego. She did not return in season 3.


Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
First aired Last aired
1 21 January 1, 2014 (2014-01-01) January 30, 2014 (2014-01-30)
2 25 July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07) August 8, 2014 (2014-08-08)
Special November 26, 2014 (2014-11-26)
3 20 January 5, 2015 (2015-01-05) January 30, 2015 (2015-01-30)


The premiere episode had an estimated 2.10 million viewers.[10] The second episode drew 2.86 million viewers, giving a large increase in audience.[11]

After a few episodes, Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media gave the show 2 stars,[12] saying that Every Witch Way "devotes too much time and energy to Maddie's superficiality and spite to be considered a likable choice for this impressionable age group. And since none of Maddie's actions ever land her in hot water she can't work a spell to escape, kids never see her learn a lesson." She also notes it "suffers from some subpar acting and a low-budget look and feel, and the absence of even a laugh track", leaving it "unusually flat for a tween sitcom. And without the bells and whistles kids tend to like in their entertainment, there's nothing to distract them from the excessive superficiality and pettiness that plague many of the central characters". The season one finale on January 30, 2014 had 2.60 million viewers,[13] while the first season had a total average of 2.166 million viewers, and a top rating for the 4-11 demographic.[14]

The season 2 episodes drew numerous viewers, however, its eighth episode, drew 1.71 million viewers,[15] The one hour season two finale on August 8, 2014 had 1.70 million viewers,[16] giving the second season a total average of 1.696 million viewers. The Spellbound special, which premiered on November 26, 2014 had 1.58 million viewers,[17] earning a top rating in season 2 for the 18-49 demographic.[18]

The season 3 premiere had 1.66 million viewers.[19] The second episode of season 3 had 1.54 million viewers,[19] causing a small drop until the third episode, which drew 1.56 million viewers.[19] The season 3 finale drew 1.71 million viewers,[20]


Every Witch Way premiered on July 7, 2014 on YTV in Canada[21] and on July 14, 2014 on Nickelodeon in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[22] In Australia, the series debuted on August 4, 2014 on Nickelodeon.[23] The second season premiered on February 9, 2015.[24] The first series also started broadcast on Irish channel RTÉ 2 in April 2015.


On February 25, 2015, Nickelodeon announced a spin-off titled The W.I.T.s Academy.[7] The W.I.T.s Academy will be a daily strip about the comedic adventures of witches- and wizards-in-training. The series is created by Catharina Ledeboer, produced by Viacom International, and executive produced by Tatiana Rodriguez.[7]

DVD releases[edit]

Season Release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 June 13, 2014[25] TBA TBA
2 January 7, 2015[26] TBA TBA

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated/Receiver Result
2014 Imagen Awards Best Children's Programming Nominated[27][28]
Best Young Actress/Television Paola Andino Nominated[27][28]
Kids' Choice Awards Argentina Best International Program Won[29]
2015 Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a TV Series - Leading Young Actress Paris Smith Nominated[30]
Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Kids TV Show Nominated[31]

International distribution[edit]

Country Channel/s Premiere Title
 Netherlands[32] Nickelodeon Netherlands May 21, 2014 Verhekst!
 Canada[33] YTV July 7, 2014 Every Witch Way
 United Kingdom[34] Nickelodeon UK July 14, 2014
 Mexico[35] Nickelodeon Latinoamérica
 Dominican Republic
 Brazil[36] Nickelodeon Brasil
 Russia[37] Nickelodeon Russia July 21, 2014 Колдовская история (literally in English "Spellbound Story"/"Spellbound History")
 Australia[37] Nickelodeon Australia August 4, 2014 Every Witch Way
 Italy[38] Boing October 31, 2014 Emma una strega da favola (literally in English "Emma a fairytale witch")
Location of Indian Subcontinent.svg South Asia[37] Nickelodeon South Asia 2015 Every Witch Way
 Germany[39] Nickelodeon Deutschland January 19, 2015 Emma, einfach magisch (literally in English "Emma, simply magical")
 Poland[40] Nickelodeon Poland Czarownica Emma (literally in English "Emma a witch")
 France[41] Nickelodeon 4Teen March 16, 2015 Teen Witch


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