Everybody Wants Some!!

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"Everybody Wants Some!!"
Song by Van Halen from the album Women and Children First
Released 1980
Genre Hard rock, Heavy metal
Length 5:08
Label Warner Bros. Records
Producer Ted Templeman

"Everybody Wants Some!!" is one of Van Halen's most popular songs. It features David Lee Roth on vocals. It is the second song from the band's 1980 album Women and Children First. It was a concert highlight throughout the band's early career and was featured in the movie Better Off Dead starring John Cusack. The song is rife with experimental features including a "jungle" drum-vocal introduction and some new guitar playing techniques from guitarist Eddie Van Halen. The drum-vocal interlude or breakdown section has an improvised feel, with Roth apparently ad-libbing conversational dialogue; for example, he begins the section by saying “I like…” before being cut off by Eddie striking a guitar chord.

The song was a staple on all of the tours with Roth following its release. Often, the band would stop in the middle of the song and Roth would chat with the crowd for several minutes before finishing the song. In later years, with their later lead singers, Van Halen would use the opening drum beat from this song as an introduction into "Panama."

A track featured on glam metal band Danger Danger's second album, Screw It! (1991), is quite heavily influenced by "Everybody Wants Some!!" It features the similar title "Everybody Wants Some," shares the same subject (sex) and has similar chorus lyrics.

The song appeared in the 1985 comedy Better Off Dead in a humorous claymation scene.

The song was also featured in the 2009 horror-comedy Zombieland.

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