Everything (Lifehouse video album)

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Lifehouse - Everything (DVD).jpg
DVD cover for Everything
Distributed by Geffen Records
Release dates
November 22, 2005
Language English

Everything (2005) is a compilation of Lifehouse's greatest moments, music videos, hit singles and live concerts. The song "Everything" from this DVD was performed Live in Portland and used to be available for listening on the band's MySpace.

The DVD includes the following music videos and performances:

  1. "Hanging by a Moment" (alternate music video)
  2. "Sick Cycle Carousel" (music video)
  3. "Breathing" (music video)
  4. "Spin" (music video)
  5. "You and Me" (music video)
  6. "Blind" (music video)
  7. "Everything" (live performance)
  8. "Days Go By" (live performance)
  9. "Come Back Down" (live performance)
  10. "You and Me" (live performance)