Everything Is Made in China

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Everything is made in China
EIMIC in Tampere, Finland
Background information
Genres Indietronica, Shoegaze, Post-rock
Years active 2005– present
Website www.eimicmusic.com
Members Max Fedorov, Phil Premyak, Alexander Bykov
Past members Alex Zotov

Everything Is Made in China (usually abbreviated EIMIC) is an indietronica band from Russia formed in 2005. Their style has shoegaze and post-rock influences. In 2008 they were named "one of the most promising post-rocks bands" by the Russian edition of Rolling Stone.[1]

They have frequently toured internationally, their most recent European appearance has been at the 2014 Waves Vienna, where they were named "one of the currently most popular indie bands in Russia" by the organizers.[2]


Full Albums[edit]

  • 4 (2007)
  • Automatic Movements (2009)
  • Amber (2013)


  • Everything is made in China (2006)


  • Catch & Carry (2007)
  • Automatic (2009)
  • Parade (2012)


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