Everything Waits to Be Noticed

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Everything Waits to be Noticed
Studio album by Art Garfunkel
Released October 8 2002
Genre Pop/Easy Listening
Length 51:05
Label Blue Note
Producer Billy Mann
Art Garfunkel chronology
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Everything Waits to be Noticed
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Everything Waits to be Noticed is the ninth solo album by Art Garfunkel, although the album is actually a collaboration within a trio setting featuring singer-songwriters Maia Sharp and Buddy Mondlock. Credited to Art Garfunkel With Maia Sharp & Buddy Mondlock, the album is Garfunkel's debut as a songwriter, co-writing six songs, and was produced by Billy Mann.[1][2] It is his first release on Blue Note Records after years of recording for Columbia Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bounce" (Graham Lyle, Billy Mann) — 3:33
  2. "The Thread" (Garfunkel, Buddy Mondlock, Maia Sharp) — 4:18
  3. "The Kid" (Buddy Mondlock) — 4:27
  4. "Crossing Lines" (Gary Burr, Dan Haseltine, Maia Sharp) — 3:37
  5. "Everything Waits to Be Noticed" (Garfunkel, Buddy Mondlock, Maia Sharp) — 3:12
  6. "Young and Free" (Richard Julian) — 3:41
  7. "Perfect Moment" (Garfunkel, Buddy Mondlock, Pierce Pettis) — 3:59
  8. "Turn, Don't Turn Away" (Garfunkel, Billy Mann, Buddy Mondlock) — 5:02
  9. "Wishbone" (Garfunkel, Billy Mann, Buddy Mondlock) — 3:35
  10. "How Did You Know?" (Garfunkel, Billy Mann, Maia Sharp) — 4:24
  11. "What I Love About Rain" (Lisa Aschmann, Tom Kimmel) — 3:35
  12. "Every Now and Then" (Garth Brooks, Buddy Mondlock) — 3:18
  13. "Another Only One" (Maia Faizi, Christopher Sharp) — 4:16
  14. "Perfect Moment" (Acoustic Version, Japan only)  — 3:57


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