Everything You Want (film)

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Everything You WAnt
Everything You Want.jpg
Movie poster
Distributed by ABC Family
Directed by Ryan Little
Produced by Brian Brough
Written by Steven A. Lee (screenplay)
Kevin Lawrence King
Natalie Prado (play)
Starring Shiri Appleby
Nick Zano
Alexandra Holden
Orlando Seale
Will Friedle
Music by J Bateman
Cinematography Geno Salvatori
Editing by Ethan Vincent
Country United States
Language English
Release date April 17, 2005 (2005-04-17)
Running time 93 minutes

Everything You Want is a 2005 romantic-comedy television film on ABC Family starring Shiri Appleby and Nick Zano.[1]


Abby Morrison has lived a sheltered life. She has an imaginary boyfriend Sy since she was five; it was all because she never had her parents and real friends with her. However, she is an artist with a passion to paint and usually make paintings of Sy. When she agrees to tutor her roommate's cynical cousin Quinn, she finds herself attracted to him. He felt jealous for her boyfriend; because he didn't know about the reality. However, Abby ignores the attraction, in order to focus on Sy. Abby's parents invite Quinn for thanksgiving day where her mother mentions Abby's imaginary friend, which makes Quinn think that she made all of it up as an obstacle for their relationship. He stopped talking and meeting with her, but he gradually became miserable. Abby also realized that she should get rid of Sy and face reality. She asks Sy to leave for good and for the very first time she joins her parents in their weird work (decorating the tombstones they made for themselves). Quinn,after seeking advice from his roommate and cousin, searches for Abby and while looking for her in a club he once took her to, he finds a portrait of himself painted by Abby and notices an image in the background of Abby at the rink. He finds her there and kisses her.



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