Evolution Fresh

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Evolution Fresh
Industry Beverages
Founded San Bernardino, California, United States (1992)
Founder Jimmy Rosenberg
Key people
Shawn Sugrman,
Chief Executive Officer
Jimmy Rosenberg,
Chief Juice Officer
Products Drinks
Website EvolutionFresh.com

Evolution Fresh, a subsidiary of Starbucks Corporation, is an American-based company producing fruit juices, fruit smoothies, gourmet soups, salads and signature bowls.[1]


Jimmy Rosenberg founded the Evolution Fresh Company in San Bernardino, California in 1992.[2] Jimmy was the founder of the Naked Juice Company in 1983 that was later sold to PepsiCo under the parent company’s PepsiCo Americas Beverages division in 2006.[3]

Evolution began distributing in California and has since grown to the Western states.

On November 10, 2011 Evolution Fresh was acquired by Starbucks Corporation.[4]


Evolution Fresh produces a line of super-premium, cold-pressed juices and in 2010 Evolution invested in a new form of pasteurization equipment, known as Pascalization or High pressure processing (HPP). Using HPP, the bottled juice is subject to thousands of pounds of pressure for preservation without exposing the product to heat that some believe could damage the juice's flavor, color and nutritional value.[5]

In 2011, Evolution produces five types of juice with the pascalization or High Pressure Process, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemonade, Apple and Tangerine. This process now allows for a 40-day shelf life for fresh juice.[6] Evolution products currently go from the tree to shelf in less than 7 days.[7]


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