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Evolutionary Bioinformatics  
Discipline Computational evolutionary biology
Peer-reviewed Yes
Language English
Edited by Dennis Wall
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ISSN 1176-9343
OCLC no. 179811074

Evolutionary Bioinformatics is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal focusing on computational biology in the study of evolution.

The journal was founded by the director of the New Zealand Bioinformatics Institute,[1] Allen Rodrigo in 2005 and is currently edited by Dennis Wall,[2] the Director of the Computational Biology Initiative at Harvard Medical School.[3] The journal serves as the official publication of the institute, and is published by Libertas Academica.

Impact Factor[edit]

Since 2008, Evolutionary Bioinformatics have an Impact Factor. Its value is 2.684.[4] This represents a solid gain on the 2009 figure of 1.889. Journal Citation Reports show a total of 1368 citations. Within the Mathematical and Computational Biology category, Evolutionary Bioinformatics is ranked 8th out of 37 journals, placing it in the first quartile for the category.[5]

Most Viewed Articles[edit]

As per 3 July 2011 the three most viewed articles since the EB first publishing were:[6]

1. R. Henrik Nilsson, Erik Kristiansson, Martin Ryberg, Nils Hallenberg and Karl ­Henrik Larsson. Intraspecific ITS Variability in the Kingdom Fungi as Expressed in the International Sequence Databases and Its Implications for Molecular Species Identification. Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2008:4 193-201. (9975 Views)

2. O. Bastien. A Simple Derivation of the Distribution of Pairwise Local Protein Sequence Alignment Scores. Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2008:4 41-45. (8094 Views)

3. Ludovic Orlando, Catherine Hänni and Christophe J. Douady. Mammoth and Elephant Phylogenetic Relationships: Mammut Americanum, the Missing Outgroup. Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2007:3 45-51 (7326 Views)


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