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Evoor is a place near Kayamkulam in Karthikappally taluk Alappuzha district. It is 40 Kilometers south of Alappuzha in the Onattukara area and next to Cheppad railway station.

It is famous for the ancient Sri Krishnaswamy temple which originated in the presence[citation needed] of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself[citation needed]. One of the largest power plants in Kerala, run by the National Thermal Power Corporation, is located near Evoor. The climate is tropical wet, with heavy rain in the monsoon season.

The village is divided into three northern, southern and eastern region or karas. It is situated in Pathiyoor and Cheppad gram panchayats.

The great Kanva Maharshi (one of the Saptarshis), had been living in this area. ‘Kannamangalam’ (Kanva-mangalam) is nearby. His ‘ Ashrama ’ (hermitage) later became a temple. Evoor Krishnaswamy’s yearly ‘Araattu’ (ceremonial bath) is held in this temple’s tank.