Ewa District, Nauru

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For the town in Hawaii, see Ewa Villages, Hawaii.

Ewa is a district in the Pacific nation of the Republic of Nauru, located in the north of island.

Area and population[edit]

Ewa district shown within Nauru.

It covers an area of 1.2 km² and has a population of 300. Ewa is part of the Anetan Constituency.

The northernmost point of Nauru is in the Ewa District.

Notable educational, business and sports facilities[edit]

Kayser College is a K-10 school, not a technical school. The only institution of higher learning in Nauru is the University of the South Pacific's Nauru Campus, which is located in Aiwo. The college is named after German missionary Alois Kayser, who lived on the island for forty years.

Capelle & Partner, a supermarket that is the largest business in Nauru, is located here.

An Australian rules football playing ground is to the east of the supermarket; it is a bare patch of crushed coral.

Notable locals[edit]

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Coordinates: 0°30′17″S 166°56′8″E / 0.50472°S 166.93556°E / -0.50472; 166.93556