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Type Division of Dassault Systèmes, S.A.
Industry Search based applications
Information technology
Information access
Search Engine
Founded 2000
Headquarters Paris, France
Products CloudView, Exalead Desktop, Exalead On-Demand
Revenue Decrease €13.4 million (2012),[1] down 23%
Employees 125
Subsidiaries United States (disposed of in 2012), UK, Italy, Germany, Spain (closed in 2012) and Benelux
Website www.Exalead.com

Exalead /ɛɡˈzæld/ was a software company, created in 2000 and dissolved in 2014, that provided search platforms and search-based applications (SBA) [2][3] for consumer and business users. The company was headquartered in Paris, France, and iwas a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes [4] (French pronunciation: ​[daˈso]).

CloudView Platform[edit]

The company's CloudView product is an infrastructure-level search and information access platform used for both online and enterprise Search-Based Applications (SBA) as well as enterprise search. SBAs use semantic technologies to aggregate and normalize unstructured, semi-structured and/or structured content across multiple repositories. SBAs employ natural language technologies for accessing information. In the case of structured data, the SBA index replaces a traditional relational database structure as the primary vehicle for information access and reporting.

Public Search Engine & Exalabs[edit]

The CloudView product is also the platform for Exalead's public Web search engine[1], which was designed to apply semantic processing and faceted navigation to Web data volumes and usage. Exalead also operates an online R&D laboratory, Exalabs, which uses the Web as a medium for developing applied technologies for business. Exalabs projects include:

  • Miiget and Constellations, relationship mapping search engines (semantic mining and visual modes of presenting search results)
  • Wikifier, a module that incorporates Wikipedia information into web page content (data contextualization for unstructured content)
  • Voxalead, an engine for searching within the content of videos. It relies on the Vocapia Research speech-to-text technology.
  • Chromatik, a color-based image search engine (semantic multimedia search technologies)
  • Tweepz, a search engine for finding people who are using Twitter (social search)
  • Sourcier, a map-based service providing access to public data on subterranean water quality (map-centered information access)

Many of Exalabs projects are developed in conjunction with Exalead's partners in the Quaero [5][6] project.


Exalead was founded in 2000 by François Bourdoncle and Patrice Bertin (both of whom were involved in the development of the Alta Vista search engine), and began commercializing its products in 2005. Exalead employs approximately 120 people in 6 countries (in Paris, San Francisco, London, Glasgow, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt ). On the 9th of June 2010, Dassault Systèmes acquired Exalead for a total amount of 135 Million Euros.

In 2012, Exalead announced that the Spanish subsidiary was closed. In addition, Exalead disposed of its US Subsidiary to Dassault Systèmes Americas Corp.

On February the 21st, 2014, Exalead announced that its dissolution in accordance with the Art. 1844-5 of the French Civil Code.

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