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Exchange may refer to:

Finance and commerce[edit]

Communications and technology[edit]


  • Health exchange, health insurance marketplace, previously known as health insurance exchange, is a set of government-regulated and standardized health care plans in the United States


  • Exchange (album), a 1999 split EP by the punk bands Against All Authority and The Criminals
  • Exchange or (Exchange), two songs on Massive Attack's Mezzanine (album)
  • Exchange, a new-age/atmospheric instrumental band composed of Steve Sexton and Gerald O'Brien and also their 1992 self-titled album
  • Lindy exchange, a gathering of lindy hop dancers




Other uses[edit]

  • Student exchange program, in which a student chooses to live in a foreign country
  • Exchange (chess), closely related or sequential captures of pieces of both players in a chess game
  • Exchange (formerly known as Army & Air Force Exchange Service, or AAFES)

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