Birzhevoy Bridge

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Exchange bridge

Birzhevoy Bridge (also known as Exchange Bridge; Russian: Биржево́й мост) is the bridge across Malaya Neva (distributary of Neva River) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Its length is 239 meters and width is 27 meters. Birzhevoy bridge connects Vasilievsky Island and Petrogradsky Island. It takes its name from the famous Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange (also Bourse, Russian: Биржа) building located on Vasilievsky Island.


  • 1894 - the original wooden bridge is built
  • 1922 - renamed to Builders Bridge
  • 1956 - major reconstruction
  • 1989 - renamed back to Exchange Bridge


Coordinates: 59°56′46″N 30°18′11″E / 59.946°N 30.303°E / 59.946; 30.303