Executive Suite (TV series)

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Executive Suite
Genre Drama
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 20 (2 unaired) (List of episodes)
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) MGM Television
Original channel CBS
Original run September 20, 1976 – February 11, 1977

Executive Suite is an American drama television series that aired from September 20, 1976 until February 11, 1977. Based on the 1954 film of the same name.


The series is a prime time soap opera set at Cardway Corporation in Los Angeles.[1] Much of the action focused on the power-struggle between Don Walling, Cardway's president against Howell Rutledge, the company's vice president and his chief rival. Howell was assisted by his equally scheming and conniving wife, Astrid. Don's home life included his wife, Helen; his prodigal son Brian, and his daughter, Stacey, who was often involved in radical politics, to her family's dismay. Other characters are various employees of Cardway and members of the company's board.



No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "The Secret" Joseph Hardy and Charles S. Dubin Henry Slesar, Barbara Avedon and Barbara Corday September 20, 1976 (1976-09-20)
The new board nominee of the company president faces fierce opposition. A factory plant is rocked by a terrorist's bomb.
2 "The Trap" Charles S. Dubin Henry Slesar, Barbara Avedon and Barbara Corday September 27, 1976 (1976-09-27)
Brian finds out that his sister is involved in terrorist activities. The Rutledges put up a fight against the new board nominee.
3 "The Porno Ploy" Joseph Pevney Peter Allan Fields October 4, 1976 (1976-10-04)
Yvonne's husband wants to reissue a pornographic film.
4 "The Serpent's Tooth" Charles S. Dubin Don Brinkley October 18, 1976 (1976-10-18)
Yvonne has taken an overdose of sleeping pills. The daughter of The Wallings is arrested. Hilary and Nick continue to develop their relationship.
5 "A Day Full of Surprises" Joseph Pevney Ann Marie Barlow and Don Brinkley October 25, 1976 (1976-10-25)
Anderson Galt copes with Glory's departure. Stacey is released to her parents.
6 "People Who Live in Glass Houses" Vincent Sherman Barbara Avedon and Barbara Corday November 8, 1976 (1976-11-08)
Walling has the company picnic at his house. Rutledge is under investigation by the government.
7 "Power Play" Joseph Pevney Peter Allan Fields November 15, 1976 (1976-11-15)
A power struggle erupts among Rutledge's associates. Nick almost gets arrested as an industrial spy.
8 "Fear of Falling" Vincent Sherman Richard Fielder and Peter Allan Fields November 22, 1976 (1976-11-22)
Walling convinces Rutledge to undergo heart surgery. Walling and Gibson tries to trap an industrial spy.
9 "Who Shall Bring Mercy?" Charles S. Dubin Daniel Weisburd November 29, 1976 (1976-11-29)
Hilary takes in Nick's young son when Nick is arrested.
10 "The Sounds of Silence" Vincent Sherman Barbara Avedon and Barbara Corday December 6, 1976 (1976-12-06)
Brian and Summer break up. Hilary wins custody of B.J.
11 "What Are Patterns For?" Joseph Pevney Don Brinkley December 13, 1976 (1976-12-13)
Andy hears a rumor about his wife. Helen wants to find more fulfillment with her work.
12 "The Identity Crisis" Howard Lakin December 20, 1976 (1976-12-20)
Summer is assaulted by a gang. Leona feels guilty after Julie's death. Helen is attracted to her drama coach.
13 "The Dominant Sex" Howard Lakin January 3, 1977 (1977-01-03)
Summer can't tell Brian that she is pregnant with his child.
14 "Kin Less than Kind" January 14, 1977 (1977-01-14)
Astrid thinks she might be responsible for Howell's impotence. Summer moves to her grandmother's house. Hilary visits Nick in prison. Walter arranges an abortion for Summer's baby.
15 "The Woman Inside" January 21, 1977 (1977-01-21)
Stacey and Harry's relationship become more intimate. Leona slips into a catatonic state. Summer's grandmother tells Brian about Summer's pregnancy.
16 "The Rules of Seduction" Howard Lakin January 28, 1977 (1977-01-28)
Brian tries to stop Summer from having an abortion. Howell tells Astrid that Helen and David are having an affair.
17 "Passionate Journey" February 4, 1976 (1976-02-04)
Don meets the sexy wife of a business client. Helen thinks Don has been unfaithful.
18 "Aftermath of a Tragedy" Peter Allan Fields February 11, 1977 (1977-02-11)
Helen is stunned by David's death. Don resists Bree's attempt at seduction.
19 "The Topless Towers of Ilium" UNAIRED
20 "A House Divided" UNAIRED


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