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The executive departments of the Philippines is the largest component of the national executive branch of the government of the Philippines. There are a total of nineteen executive departments. The departments comprise the largest part of the country's bureaucracy. The heads of these departments are referred to as the Cabinet of the Philippines.

During the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos, upon the mandate of the then 1973 Constitution, he changed the departments into ministries from 1978 to the end of his government. For example, the Department of Education became Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

List of current executive departments (as of June 30, 2010)[edit]

All departments are listed by their present-day name with their English names on top and Filipino names at the bottom. Department heads are listed at the Cabinet of the Philippines article.

Department Acronym secretary function
Department of Agrarian Reform
Kagawaran ng Repormang Pansakahan
DAR (KRP) September 1, 1971 www.dar.gov.ph
Department of Agriculture
Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka
DA (KPS) June 23, 1898 www.da.gov.ph
Department of Budget and Management
Kagawaran ng Pagbabadyet at Pamamahala
DBM (KPP) April 25, 1936 www.dbm.gov.ph
Department of Education
Kagawaran ng Edukasyon
DepEd (KEd) January 21, 1901 www.deped.gov.ph
Department of Energy
Kagawaran ng Enerhiya
DOE (KEn) December 9, 1992 www.doe.gov.ph
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Kagawaran ng Kapaligiran at Likas na Kayamanan
DENR (KKLK) January 1, 1917 www.denr.gov.ph
Department of Finance
Kagawaran ng Pananalapi
DOF (KNPN) March 17, 1897 www.dof.gov.ph
Department of Foreign Affairs
Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas
DFA (KUP) June 23, 1898 www.dfa.gov.ph
Department of Health
Kagawaran ng Kalusugan
DOH (KNKL) September 29, 1898 www.doh.gov.ph
Department of the Interior and Local Government
Kagawaran ng Interyor at Pamahalaang Lokal
DILG (KIPL) March 22, 1897 www.dilg.gov.ph
Department of Justice
Kagawaran ng Katarungan
DOJ (KNKT) September 26, 1898 www.doj.gov.ph
Department of Labor and Employment
Kagawaran ng Paggawa at Empleyo
DOLE (KNPE) December 8, 1933 www.dole.gov.ph
Department of National Defense
Kagawaran ng Tanggulang Pambansa
DND (KTP) December 21, 1935 www.dnd.gov.ph
Department of Public Works and Highways
Kagawaran ng Pagawaing Bayan at Lansangan
DPWH (KPBL) January 30, 1987 www.dpwh.gov.ph
Department of Science and Technology
Kagawaran ng Agham at Teknolohiya
DOST (KNAT) January 30, 1987 www.dost.gov.ph
Department of Social Welfare and Development
Kagawaran ng Kagalingang Panlipunan at Pagpapaunlad
DSWD (KKPP) November 1, 1939 www.dswd.gov.ph
Department of Tourism
Kagawaran ng Turismo
DOT (KNT) May 11, 1973 www.tourism.gov.ph
Department of Trade and Industry
Kagawaran ng Kalakalan at Industriya
DTI (KKI) June 23, 1898 www.dti.gov.ph
Department of Transportation and Communications
Kagawaran ng Transportasyon at Komunikasyon
DOTC (KNTK) January 23, 1979 www.dotc.gov.ph

List of former executive departments and ministries[edit]

The departments listed below are defunct agencies which have been abolished, integrated, reorganised or renamed into the existing executive departments of the Philippines.

First Republic[edit]

  • Department of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce
  • Department of Communications and Public Works
  • Department of Interior
  • Department of Foreign Relations
  • Department of Public Education
  • Department of Wars and Marine

Commonwealth Period[edit]

  • Department of Agriculture and Commerce
  • Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Department of Commerce and Police
  • Department of Health and Public Welfare
  • Department of Finance and Justice
  • Department of Instruction
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Public Instruction
  • Department of National Defense

Third Republic[edit]

  • Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Department of Commerce and Industry
  • Department of General Services
  • Department of Social Welfare

Martial Law Era[edit]

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
  • Ministry of Human Settlements
  • Ministry of Industry
  • Ministry of Local Government and Community Development
  • Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Public Highways
  • Ministry of Public Information
  • Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communications
  • Ministry of Social Services and Development
  • Ministry of Trade and Tourism
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports Development

Fifth Republic[edit]

  • Department of Education, Culture and Sports
  • Department of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources
  • Department of Land Reform
  • Department of Local Nations

Other agencies elevated to Department rank[edit]

  • Budget Commission to Department of Budget and Management
  • National Science and Technology Authority to Department of Science and Technology
  • Office of Energy Affairs to Department of Energy

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