Executive of the 4th Northern Ireland Assembly

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Executive of the 1st Assembly (1998)
Executive of the 2nd Assembly (2003)
Executive of the 3rd Assembly (2007)
Executive of the 4th Assembly (2011)

Third Executive[edit]

The Third Executive (16 May 2011–) is under the terms of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 a power-sharing coalition.

Following the 5 May 2011 elections to the fourth Northern Ireland Assembly the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin remained the two largest parties in the Assembly. The Assembly finished selecting an executive on Monday. 16 May 2011.

Executive Committee[edit]

Office Officeholder Term Party
First Minister Robinson, PeterPeter Robinson 2011- DUP
Deputy First Minister McGuinness, MartinMartin McGuinness 2011- Sinn Féin
Agriculture and Rural Development, Minister ofMinister of Agriculture and Rural Development O'Neill, MichelleMichelle O'Neill 2011- Sinn Féin
Culture, Arts and Leisure, Minister ofMinister of Culture, Arts and Leisure Ní Chuilín, CarálCarál Ní Chuilín 2011- Sinn Féin
Education, Minister ofMinister of Education O'Dowd, JohnJohn O'Dowd 2011- Sinn Féin
Employment and Learning, Minister forMinister for Employment and Learning Farry, StephenStephen Farry 2011- Alliance
Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Minister forMinister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment Foster, ArleneArlene Foster 2011- DUP
Environment, Minister of theMinister of the Environment Attwood, AlexAlex Attwood 2011-2013 SDLP
Durkan, Mark H.Mark H. Durkan 2013- SDLP
Finance and Personnel, Minister ofMinister of Finance and Personnel Wilson, SammySammy Wilson 2011-2013 DUP
Hamilton, SimonSimon Hamilton 2013- DUP
Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Minister ofMinister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Poots, EdwinEdwin Poots 2011-2014 DUP
Wells, JimJim Wells 2014- DUP
Justice, Minister ofMinister of Justice Ford, DavidDavid Ford 2011- Alliance
Regional Development, Minister forMinister for Regional Development Kennedy, DannyDanny Kennedy 2011- UUP
Social Development, Minister forMinister for Social Development McCausland, NelsonNelson McCausland 2011-2014 DUP
Storey, MervynMervyn Storey 2014- DUP

Junior Ministers[edit]

Office Officeholder Term Party
Junior Minister in the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister Jonathan Bell 2011- DUP
Junior Minister in the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister Jennifer McCann 2012- Sinn Féin


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