Exhibit 13

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"Exhibit 13"
Song by Blue Man Group from the album The Complex
Released April 22, 2003
Genre Experimental rock
Length 8:50
Label Atlantic
Writer Banks, Dyas, Goldman, Heinemann, Parrulli, Stanton, Wink

John Alagía, Dan the Automator, Tom Elmhirst, Todd Perlmutter,

Venus Hum
The Complex track listing
"I Feel Love"
"Exhibit 13"

"Exhibit 13" is the last song on the Blue Man Group's album The Complex. The song's title comes from a scorched piece of paper which blew into the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York on September 11, 2001 immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center. The audio intercut in the song is recitation of the contents of other documents found in that same park.

A dedicated website was created for "Exhibit 13", and contains a (lower resolution) copy of the video composed for the song, made up of drifting images of collected, scorched pieces of paper.

The last 4:19 of the song is a hidden track, Mandelbrot No.4. This makes Exhibit 13's length actually 8:50, with a 30 second pause between the two tracks.

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