Exile (song)

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Single by Enya
from the album Watermark
Released 1991 (single)
Recorded 1988
Genre New-age
Label Warner Music Group
WEA324CD (Germany, CD)
Producer(s) Nicky Ryan, Enya
Enya singles chronology
"Storms in Africa"
"Caribbean Blue"

"Exile" is a song by the Irish singer Enya. It was first released on her 1988 album Watermark, and released as a single in 1991 after it was featured in the films Green Card and L.A. Story.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Exile"
  2. "On Your Shore"
  3. "Watermark"
  4. "River"


German techno band Scooter sampled "Exile" on their single "Jigga Jigga!", taken from the 2004 album Mind the Gap.

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