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Executive Editor Celeste Miller (Dubé)
Former editors Ekraz Singh
Categories Arts and Literature
Frequency Semi-annual
Circulation 300-copy print run
Publisher Edward Fenner
First issue October 1978
Country Canada
Based in Vanier College at York University, Toronto, Ontario
Language English. Others on occasion.
Website 'Existere'
ISSN 1710-386X

Existere - Journal of Arts & Literature is a Canadian magazine, that publishes twice a year at York University's Vanier College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The magazine publishes literary work, poetry, short stories, articles, book reviews, essays, interviews, art, photography, and more from contributors around the world.

History and Affiliation[edit]

The magazine's current publisher and past executive editor is Edward Fenner (as of April 26, 2007). Mr. Fenner, a Vanier College Fellow, has revived and revitalized the journal - releasing new issues semi-annually beginning in September 2007.

The magazine's current executive editor is Celeste Miller (Dubé). She replaces Ekraz Singh.

The journal was established at York University's Vanier College and has been funded by Vanier College Council since the journal was founded in 1978. It has largely published as a quarterly, but in recent years has published bi-annually.

Call For Back Issues[edit]

Existere is also on a campaign to recover information and back issues lost to the mists of time and unfortunate housekeeping. If you have information or back issues to contribute, contact: existere(at)yorku(dot)ca or via snail mail to: Existere, Vanier College 101E, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J 1P3

Noteworthy Contributors[edit]

Noteworthy writers and poets that have appeared on Existere pages or who have edited the journal:


  • adebe d.a. (Canadian poet, former Junior Poet Laureate for the City of Toronto, 2010 Dylan Thomas Prize long-list nominee, and past editor of Existere)
  • David Lomax (Scottish-born Canadian novelist, educator and past editor of Existere [1][2] based in Toronto, Ontario) Winner of the East York/Scarborough Reading Association's 2006 Reader of the Year Award. [3]
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  • bpNichol (late Canadian poet, concrete poet, teacher, and writer in many genres). His poem Lament appeared in Existere in 1982)
  • Myna Wallin (Canadian poet, prose writer, radio host, and poetry editor for Tightrope Books)
  • Zachariah Wells (Canadian poet, anthologist, editor, critic). His poems "Starfish Song," "Atum" and "In Praise of the African Naked Mole Rat" appeared in 2006.


  • Ellen Visson (Swiss writer.)

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