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Exitstance (or Exit-Stance) were an English anarcho-punk band on Mortarhate Records. They toured Europe with Crass and Conflict during the early 1980s. Exit-Stance was one of the more heavier sounding Anarcho bands at that time.

The first track released by Exit-Stance was titled 'Operation Successful (patient dead)' and was released on Conflict's Mortarhate Records various compilation LP Who, What, Why, Where, When? They then released a 3-track EP titled Crime Against Humanity, with the tracks Ballykelly Disco, Mankind's Hand, and Blinded by Fear, which was originally released on the Fight Back Records label (pre-Mortarhate Records). Their next record was the While Backs are Turned LP which heavily promoted the animal rights cause.

Band members[edit]

  • Sean Finnis, vocals
  • Andy Williams, drums
  • Mark Jeavons, bass
  • Dave Paul, guitar