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ExperVision, Inc is a technology company in California founded in 1987 whose main product is optical character recognition (OCR) systems. It is now owned by Exper-OCR, Inc., but retains the trading name ExperVision.[1]

It has positioned itself as an IT Service Provider, providing OCR as an integral part of document imaging management (DIM) and forms processing services (FPS).


In 1994, the University of Nevada Las Vegas reported that: "Overall, ExperVision RTK performed the best. It demonstrated consistently high accuracy. It performs especially well on proportional pitch text, and is least affected by low resolution (200 dpi). It also provides an excellent automatic zoning capability."[2]

In 2008, an article in PC Magazine said that: “TypeReader is faster and more accurate (than OmniPage) ...” “However, OCR software is more commonly used to convert a pile of paper documents into editable text files. For that task, TypeReader is faster and more accurate” [3]


An OCR SDK, is a C/C++ OCR Toolkit for application developers, system integrators and OEM customers who need to integrate OCR capability into their applications, e.g. DIM, FPS, other enterprise applications, embedded applications, etc.
TypeReader Desktop
Converts scanned documents into electronic files, It support 2618 fonts and 14 languages using Machine-Learned Fragment Analysis, a technology developed by Expervision
TypeReader Server
ExperVision’s OCR server solution program
OCR SDK for Mobile and Embedded System
OpenRTK® can support iPhone, iPad, Android, winCE and other popular Embedded OS.
WebOCR & OnlineOCR
Just upload the documents to be processed and set several simple selected items in a fast manner, and then the processed results can be got immediately. This is a free online application.
A "sidegrade" upgrade for users of other OCR systems.[4]


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