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Experimental Theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts (India)
NCPA building, Nariman Point, Mumbai.JPG
General information
Type Arts complex
Location Mumbai, India
Construction started 1981
Completed 1985
Opening 25 April 1986
Height 46.28m
Design and construction
Architect Philip Johnson
Main contractor Larsen & Toubro Limited

The Experimental Theatre is a 300-seat theatre at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, India.[1] It was inaugurated in April 1986 as a black box theatre venue with modular seating and staging units. It stages innovative production designs and presentations, and is normally used to promote the exploration of new directions in performance art. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art stagecraft and engineering systems.


The NCPA was constructed in the 1980s. After the Tata Theatre was constructed, work began on the Experimental Theatre, a versatile black box theatre space which small-scale groups to perform flexible works at the Centre. Tata Steel (formerly Tata Iron & Steel Company) made an initial donation to the Theatre of 5 million rupees. The Theatre was officially inaugurated on 25 April 1986.[1]


Tata Theatre theatre foyer entrance to the Experimental Theatre

Besides the theatre itself, the Experimental Theatre includes three conference rooms, large foyer spaces and a museum.

According to the Larsen & Toubro the acoustics of this theatre allow individual instruments to be appreciated without amplification.


The Experimental Theatre has hosted experimental plays, Indian epics, classical music concerts,[2] and Western operas and ballets. Famous artists such as Romain Descharmes have performed there.[3]

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