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Exponerad ("Exposed") is a 1971 Swedish sexploitation film directed by Gustav Wiklund and starring Christina Lindberg. In the U.S., 15 minutes were edited out of the film, and marketed under the titles "Diary of a Rape." and "The Depraved", although the advertising for "The Depraved" stated that it was being presented without a single cut. The English-language versions now available use the translation of the original title, "Exposed."


As we learn through flashbacks, twenty-year-old Lena Svensson had taken up with an older man who photographed her in the nude and pressured her into taking part in orgies. As the story opens, she has broken things off with the older man and now has a nice, age-appropriate boyfriend. Unfortunately, the older man reappears and threatens to blackmail her with the nude photos. Aware that she will never be free of him, she devises an ingenious method for ridding herself of his threats and simultaneously exacting her revenge.



Director: Gustav Wiklund; lead: Christina Lindberg; genre: crime; edited in 1971; country: Sweden; language: Swedish; in colour.

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