Exposé (film)

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Exposé FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by James Kenelm Clarke
Produced by Brian Smedley-Aston
Written by James Kenelm Clarke
Starring Udo Kier
Linda Hayden
Fiona Richmond
Music by Steve Gray
Cinematography Dennis C. Lewiston
Edited by Jim Connock
Distributed by Target (UK)
Release dates
March 1976 (UK)
Running time
82 min (cut version)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Exposé (also known as House on Straw Hill) is a 1976 video nasty [1] starring Udo Kier, Linda Hayden and 1970s sex symbol Fiona Richmond. On release, it sparked controversy due to graphic scenes of sex and violence, resulting in a re-release in 2006, with around 30 seconds of cuts.[2][3]


Paul Martin (Kier) is a paranoid novelist who rents out a secluded cottage in the British countryside in order to complete his new book, a pretentious sex romp. He has split with his girlfriend Suzanne (Richmond) and is having problems writing his book. To do the typing for him, he employs a secretary, Linda Hindstatt (Hayden), whom he meets at the railway station. A couple of youths at the railway station intimidate Linda, prompting Paul to give them a battering. Afterwards, Linda takes a walk in a field where she is raped by the youths. As a result, she shoots them both dead. Meanwhile, Paul keeps having nightmares and all his advances on Linda are rejected. He gets Suzanne to come back and she begins having sex with Linda. Paul then crashes into a river, while Suzanne is murdered in the bath and everything erupts into a pandemonium of violence.



The house being used for the film was, at the time, being rented by the director, James Kenelm Clarke. The house is situated on Spring Elms Lane, Little Baddow and is a private residence. The rape scene and the final scene were filmed in the wheatfield adjoining the back garden. Other locations used around Little Baddow were Mowden Hall Lane and its junction with North Hill, the bridge on Church Road as it crosses the River Chelmer, and the ford in Hurrells Lane. The Station Scene's was filmed at Hatfied Peverel Railway Station


  • The current UK version rated 18 has 3 cuts: most of a rape scene, all of Suzanne's death, and the shot of her dead in the shower (there was plenty of blood on her naked body so cuts were required). There is 51s cut in total.
  • In a documentary on the DVD of Blood on Satan's Claw Hayden says that this is the only movie she regrets making and was not the film she had made originally.
  • In 2013, Severin Films released a Blu-ray and DVD double-disc set of Exposé under the title, House on Straw Hill. In the preamble on the disc, Severin state that this version was created using the original negative and two prints of the film to give it its uncut form. The quoted running time is 84 minutes.


The film was re-made in 2010 as Stalker (aka Exposé), directed by Martin Kemp, starring Anna Brecon as writer Paula Martin and Jane March as Linda, and with original star Linda Hayden as "Mrs Brown".


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