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Exposé clone refers to computer software which mimics the window switching feature of Mac OS X operating system called Exposé. This type of software excludes the Mac OS X platform and is usually developed for Microsoft Windows or the X Window System. Furthermore some of the Exposé clone programs improve on the features and/or functionality of the original Exposé making them more configurable and in some cases this type of software introduces a new way of the window tiling animation. For example, TopDesk offers both Exposé and Windows Flip 3D style of tiling animation.

For Windows[edit]

Name Creator Latest stable version Standard cost (USD) Software license Remarks
AnthaBounce Anthasoft 1.0 $29 Proprietary formerly WinPlosion or WinExpose
BetterDesktopTool Florian Schwarz 1.8 Free Proprietary Requires Windows Aero and mimics Spaces and Exposé, supports Multitouch-Gestures for some dedicated devices
DeskPose 2D Thinking Minds, Building Bytes 1.0.0 $19.95 Proprietary Requires Windows Aero
Dexpot Dexpot GBR 1.6.1 Free Proprietary Dexpot is also a virtual desktop manager for Windows. It will allow the user to create up to 20 virtual desktops.
Emcee Desktop Organizer Emcee App Software 3.3.5 $4.99 for W7, $7.49 for W8 Proprietary Emcee supports both the "Mission Control" style thumbnail stacking or the simple "Expose" style layout, with full support for Windows Store Apps. Touch-screen, trackpad, keyboard and mouse interfaces. Requires Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1 Update.
Exposer for Windows OnlineToolsTeam 1.21 Used to be $7, free after Windows Vista came out Proprietary Windows Vista is not supported
iEx siwu 0.2 Free  ?
My Exposé Simon Ferquel - Free GPL Windows Vista only
OpenExpose - 0.8 Free Open source
Reflex Vision Increment Software 3.0.2 $9.99 Proprietary formerly Entbloess
Shock Aero Shock 1.35 Free GPL provides "Flip 3D"-like interface as well
SmallWindows Jens Egeblad 0.72 Free Open source discontinued
Switcher Bao Nguyen 2.0.0 Free  ? Requires Windows Aero, but works with Windows 8.
TopDesk [1] Otaku Software 1.5.3 $19.95 Proprietary
WindowLister Takeshi Ikeda BuildNo.3264-23 Free  ?
Window Master - 1.1 Free Open source
WinExposé Matias Moreno 1.0 Free GPL
Zoom switcher GRG Software  ?  ?  ?  ?
Windows Flip 3D Built-in into Windows Vista and Windows 7 Built-in Microsoft Inc. Requires Windows Aero

For the X Window System[edit]

Name Creator Latest stable version Standard cost (USD) Software license Remarks
"Overview" mode
in GNOME Shell
GNOME team 3.8 (part of GNOME) Free GPL part of default GNOME 3 design
Komposé Hans Oischinger 0.5.4 Free GPL Last development activity 2005, requires QT 3 & KDE 3.
Present windows plugin
for KWin
KWin team 0.1.0 (part of KWin) Free GPL can be used as alt-tab window switcher & has search-as-you-type
Scale plugin
for Compiz Fusion
Compiz Fusion project 0.5.2 (part of Compiz Fusion release) Free GPL
Revelation AwesomeWM plugin Espen Wiborg, Julien Danjou March 2, 2014 Free Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Resizes windows instead of scaling.
Skippy (and Skippy-XD) Hyriand 0.5.0 Free GPL Skippy: last development activity in 2004. Skippy-XD: several code improvements in 2011 hosted on Skippy-XD repository at GitHub.


  1. ^ Not to be confused with TOPdesk a service desk application.

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