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Exposé clone refers to computer software which mimics the window switching feature of Mac OS X operating system called Exposé. This type of software excludes the Mac OS X platform and is usually developed for Microsoft Windows or the X Window System. Furthermore some of the Exposé clone programs improve on the features and/or functionality of the original Exposé making them more configurable and in some cases this type of software introduces a new way of the window tiling animation. For example, TopDesk offers both Exposé and Windows Flip 3D style of tiling animation.

For Windows[edit]

Name Creator Latest stable version Standard cost (USD) Software license Remarks
AnthaBounce Anthasoft 1.0 $29 Proprietary formerly WinPlosion or WinExpose
BetterDesktopTool Florian Schwarz 1.8 Free Proprietary Requires Windows Aero and mimics Spaces and Exposé, supports Multitouch-Gestures for some dedicated devices
DeskPose 2D Thinking Minds, Building Bytes 1.0.0 $19.95 Proprietary Requires Windows Aero
Dexpot Dexpot GBR 1.6.1 Free Proprietary Dexpot is also a virtual desktop manager for Windows. It will allow the user to create up to 20 virtual desktops.
Emcee Desktop Organizer Emcee App Software 3.3.5 $4.99 for W7, $7.49 for W8 Proprietary Emcee supports both the "Mission Control" style thumbnail stacking or the simple "Expose" style layout, with full support for Windows Store Apps. Touch-screen, trackpad, keyboard and mouse interfaces. Requires Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1 Update.
Exposer for Windows OnlineToolsTeam 1.21 Used to be $7, free after Windows Vista came out Proprietary Windows Vista is not supported
iEx siwu 0.2 Free  ?
My Exposé Simon Ferquel - Free GPL Windows Vista only
OpenExpose - 0.8 Free Open source
Reflex Vision Increment Software 3.0.2 $9.99 Proprietary formerly Entbloess
Shock Aero Shock 1.35 Free GPL provides "Flip 3D"-like interface as well
SmallWindows Jens Egeblad 0.72 Free Open source discontinued
Switcher Bao Nguyen 2.0.0 Free  ? Requires Windows Aero
TopDesk [1] Otaku Software 1.5.3 $19.95 Proprietary
WindowLister Takeshi Ikeda BuildNo.3264-23 Free  ?
Window Master - 1.1 Free Open source
WinExposé Matias Moreno 1.0 Free GPL
Zoom switcher GRG Software  ?  ?  ?  ?
Windows Flip 3D Built-in into Windows Vista and Windows 7 Built-in Microsoft Inc. Requires Windows Aero

For the X Window System[edit]

Name Creator Latest stable version Standard cost (USD) Software license Remarks
"Overview" mode
in GNOME Shell
GNOME team 3.8 (part of GNOME) Free GPL part of default GNOME 3 design
Komposé Hans Oischinger 0.5.4 Free GPL Last development activity 2005, requires QT 3 & KDE 3.
Present windows plugin
for KWin
KWin team 0.1.0 (part of KWin) Free GPL can be used as alt-tab window switcher & has search-as-you-type
Scale plugin
for Compiz Fusion
Compiz Fusion project 0.5.2 (part of Compiz Fusion release) Free GPL
Skippy (and Skippy-XD) Hyriand 0.5.0 Free GPL Skippy: last development activity in 2004. Skippy-XD: several code improvements in 2011 hosted on Skippy-XD at Google Code.


  1. ^ Not to be confused with TOPdesk a service desk application.

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