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Expressions Dance Company is an Australian contemporary dance company based in the The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, in Fortitude Valley.[1] It was founded in 1984 by Maggi Sietsma, Artistic Director and Abel Valls, General Manager (and composer for many works).[2] Expressions has experienced 30% reductions in funding by the Arts Queensland,[3] subsequently Sietsma and Valls announced their intention to finish and Natalie Weir took over as Artistic Director in January 2009.[4]

The company has danced the work of a number of choreographers, including, in 1985, Natalie Weir, Rosetta Cook and Graeme Watson; and in later years Jonathan Taylor, Margaret Wilson, Guy Detot, John Nobbs, Jacqui Carroll, Garry Stewart, Brian Lucas, Sue Peacock and Don Aske.[2]

The company has toured extensively, including: America, China, Germany, Switzerland, Macau, Korea, Singapore, Israel, New Caledonia, Austria, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and Great Britain;[5] and undertakes significant school and community dance education activities.[2] Expressions Dance company has performed internationally

Broader impact[edit]

Expressions Dance Company has employed many people within Australia's cultural industry. These include critically acclaimed dancers, choreographers, designers and dramaturgs:


  • 1996 – Awarded the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award for outstanding achievement in the performing arts[7]
  • 2007 – Awarded two Drover Awards: Tour Management Excellence and Special Panel Award for Innovation[8]


Works performed by Expressions Dance Company include:

  • Snow Drops, (1985), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma at the national conference of the Australian Society for Education in the Arts.
  • Alone Together, (1995), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • Decadances (1999)[9]
    • Jigsaw, choreographer: Natalie Weir
    • Alone Together
  • Vanities Crossing, (1999), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • Virtually Richard3, (2000), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • Rites of Spring, (2002), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • Flight!, (2003), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • The 5th Door, (2004), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • On Thin Ice, (2008), choreographer: Maggi Sietsma
  • Memory[10]
    • Jigsaw (previously performed in 1999)
    • Fragments of Memory, (2007), choreographer: Cheng Tsung-Lung formerly a dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre


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