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Ext2IFS is a freeware Installable File System for Microsoft Windows that provides support for reading and writing the ext2 and ext3 file systems that are native to Linux. According to the author, it is useful for users with a dual boot configuration to transfer files between the two operating systems.[1]


Ext2IFS allows Windows users to mount ext2/ext3, and in some cases, ext4 drives to a Windows drive letter with full read and write support, similar to a native partition using NTFS (however without journaling).


Ext2IFS does not support an inode size above 128 bytes.[2] This can be inconvenient for Linux users wishing to access their Linux drives on Windows, as the default inode size of many modern distributions has been 256 bytes for some time.[3] The Ext2Fsd installable file system, or the software explore2fs, do not have this drawback.


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