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Extramural refers to that which exists outside the walls of an organized unit, be that a city, school, or hospital. In an educational context, extramural refers to activities outside, but under the aegis of, a university or other institution. Extramural studies are taken by the student away from the physical campus, and are often used for those unable to attend classes.

Extramural sports are those contested between different educational institutions, contrasted with intramural sports which are contested internally by the members of the same institution.

Extramural learnings may not always be under aegis of a university or an institution; the learning one picks up as one goes along in life, from people, from society, from the environment, from one's own experience of people, places, and things, may too constitute what we call extramural acquisition of knowledge, learning, and education.

Extramural may be confused with Extracurricular; the former generally refers to experiences related to the student's individual development, whereas the latter may be more applicable to their academic area.

Extrmural is the present day distant learning program -bn venkataraman