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Extra is a brand of sugarfree gum produced by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company in North America, Europe, some parts of Africa and Australasia.[1] It was launched in 1984 as the company's first ever sugarfree product, and became one of the most popular brands of gum in the United States within a few years.[2] It was also the first sugarfree gum not to use saccharin, instead using the NutraSweet brand, a sweetener developed by G.D. Searle & Co. that had less bitterness and also proved to be safer in humans and laboratory animals; it was later reformulated with aspartame in 1997.

The brand identity of Extra gum varies considerably in different markets, often having completely different flavours, logos and slogans for each country. Extra is currently the sponsor of the Mexican national football team.[3]

In 2007, Extra became the first chewing gum to receive the American Dental Association's 'Seal of Acceptance'.[citation needed]

In 2011, Extra Oral Healthcare Program partnered with the Chinese Ministry of Health to launch a three-year community oral care education pilot program, which establishes community dental clinics, trains local dentists and establishes oral care records for 7,000 families across 14 communities. The results of the program will inform the Ministry of Health’s future oral care policy.[4]In the second project year, the team decided to build an application for oral health teaching among families, especially for some undeveloped cities. It finally came to an app called Ai Ya Qing Song Xue(爱牙轻松学) in Chinese Version. FabriQate team in Guangzhou helped develop the app.


Availability of flavours[edit]

Flavour U.S.[2] U.K.[5] Australasia[6]
Active Yes No Yes
Spearmint Yes Yes Yes
Peppermint Yes Yes Yes
'Cool Breeze' Yes Yes Yes
'Winterfresh' Yes No No
'Ice' Yes Yes No
'Polar Ice' Yes No No
'Classic Bubble' Yes Yes Yes
'Smooth Mint' Yes Yes Yes
Strawberry Yes Yes Yes
Watermelon Yes Yes Yes
Tropical/Mango Yes Yes Yes
Berry Yes Yes Yes
'White' No Yes Yes


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