Extra Innings (The Twilight Zone)

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"Extra Innings"
The New Twilight Zone episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 37
Directed by Douglas Jackson
Written by Tom Palmer
Original air date October 1, 1988
Guest actors

Marc Singer : Ed Hamner
Amber Lea Weston : Paula
Tracey Cunningham : Cindy

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon"
Next →
"The Crossing"
List of The Twilight Zone (1985 TV series) episodes

Extra Innings is the thirty-seventh episode (the second episode of the third season (1988–89) of the television series The New Twilight Zone.

Opening narration[edit]

It's been said that the body is the means through which an athlete can best reveal the dynamic potential of the human spirit. But what happens when the means to that expression is injured beyond repair? Meet Ed Hamner, a once prominent player in the big leagues. A man who has never resolved himself to his fate as a non-participant, but who will soon be forced to bat...in the Twilight Zone.


A down and out, injured baseball player named Ed Hamner tries to juggle his love for baseball and a new life with a wife, Cindy, who insists he needs to get on with his life. On top of this, his teenaged neighbor, Paula, shows her adoration of him by encouraging his baseball card collection and her potential as a player herself. Paula finds an old baseball card of a player from the early days named Monty Hanks, who happens to resemble Ed. After a fight with Cindy about a missed job interview and a victorious game for Paula, Ed goes to sleep and awakens to discover the card magically opening a door. Ed stumbles through to find himself in the uniform of Monty Hanks, without his injury and actually playing ball.

When Paula shows up the next day, Ed explains all the happened, that he went back in time seventy-eight years and played ball without the use of his cane. Paula is skeptical until she sees the back of the card, which reveals more home runs (hit by Hamner) than was there the day before. Still apprehensive, Paula agrees to try to go with him. As they stare into the card, it envelops them and they go to the ballfield in the past. They return to the present and Paula leaves, both excited about another "game" tomorrow, a lead for Ed to play in the World Series. An uncomfortable dinner with Cindy leaves Ed wanting the other life even more.

Paula comes over, sad because she can't make the game with him today, but wondering whether or not, Ed belongs back in 1910. He seems so much happier there. At the game, Ed (as Monty) is playing late, much later than the dinner he is supposed to attend with Cindy. Cindy arrives at the empty house but is upset that Ed is gone, so she burns his card collection. Paula comes in just in time to save the magical card with Monty Hanks on it. Paula realizes however she can help Ed have the life he truly wanted. She tears the card in half, leaving Ed to stay in 1910. At home, she later looks at the torn card to see that Ed went on to be a great Monty Hanks, batting champion and played for his team for many years to follow...

Closing narration[edit]

Ed Hamner. Monty Hanks. To some, a mere face on a trading card. But to a special friend, he's an eternal boy of summer. An athlete who found himself drafted by a unique team, in a league that plays its games...in the Twilight Zone.

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