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The Extreme 19th is the highest (400 metres or 1,300 feet) and longest (361 metres or 395 yards) par three golf hole in the world,[1] located at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in the Entabeni Safari Conservatory, Limpopo Province, South Africa.[2] The hole was conceived by Graham Cooke of the UK, and designed by David Riddle.[3]

The tee for the Extreme 19th is located atop Hanglip Mountain.
At the tee for the Extreme 19th

The tee, located at the top of Hanglip Mountain, is accessed via helicopter.[2] Because of its height, a tee shot takes almost 30 seconds to land.[4] There are cameras and GPS enabled balls to track where the balls land, and a spotter is given a rough direction to look for the ball. There is a $1m prize fund for a hole in one. The fairway is seeded with Cynodon grass, and has been landscaped to direct the ball towards the green, which has been shaped to resemble the continent of Africa. The green is surrounded by a large waste bunker.[3]

The 19th is an addition to an 18 hole course designed by professional golfers, including Pádraig Harrington, Trevor Immelman, Sergio García, Bernard Langer, Colin Montgomerie, Justin Rose, Vijay Singh, K. J. Choi and Retief Goosen.[5]

As of June 3, 2011, no one had scored a hole-in-one, but two golfers had managed a birdie,[6] including professional cricketer Franklyn Stephenson, who was the first to do so.[2] Of professional golfers to try the hole, Pádraig Harrington was the first ever to score par.[7] American actor Morgan Freeman has also scored par on the hole, and professional golfers Raphaël Jacquelin, Justin Rose, Sergio García and K. J. Choi have all carded bogeys.[8]

Facts and figures[edit]

  • Vertical height – 430 m.
  • Horizontal distance from foot of mountain to back of green – 400 m.
  • Horizontal distance from foot of mountain to start of fairway – 280 m.
  • The vertical drop from the start of fairway to the front of the green is 21 m.


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