Extreme points of Sri Lanka

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This is a list of the extreme points of Sri Lanka.

A map of Sri Lanka


Heading Location Coordinates
North Thikkam, Point Pedro 9°50′8″N 80°12′44″E / 9.83556°N 80.21222°E / 9.83556; 80.21222 (Northernmost point of Sri Lanka)
South Dondra Head 5°55′7″N 80°35′29″E / 5.91861°N 80.59139°E / 5.91861; 80.59139 (Southernmost point of Sri Lanka)
East Sangaman Kanda, Ampara District 7°1′20″N 81°52′45″E / 7.02222°N 81.87917°E / 7.02222; 81.87917 (Easternmost point of Sri Lanka)
West Kachchatheevu Island 9°23′N 79°31′E / 9.383°N 79.517°E / 9.383; 79.517 (Westernmost point of Sri Lanka)
West (mainland) near Kalpitiya 8°12′40″N 79°41′33″E / 8.21111°N 79.69250°E / 8.21111; 79.69250 (Westernmost point of Sri Lanka (mainland))


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