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This is a list of the extreme points of the Arctic, the points of Arctic lands that are farther to the north than any other location classified by continent and country, latitude and longitude, and distance to the North Pole. The list is sorted from north to south.

Name Country Region Coordinates Distance from Pole Remarks
km mi
Kaffeklubben Island, Peary Land Denmark (Greenland) North America 83°40′N 29°50′W / 83.667°N 29.833°W / 83.667; -29.833 (Kaffeklubben Island) 7002707000000000000707 7002707000000000000439 northernmost point of land on Earth
Cape Morris Jesup, Peary Land Denmark (Greenland) North America 83°37′39″N 32°39′52″W / 83.62750°N 32.66444°W / 83.62750; -32.66444 (Cape Morris Jesup) 7002712000000000000712 7002712000000000000442 Greenland proper
Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut Canada North America 83°06′41″N 69°57′12″W / 83.11139°N 69.95333°W / 83.11139; -69.95333 (Cape Columbia) 7002769000000000000769 7002769000000000000478 all lands
Cape Fligely, Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land, Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia Europe 81°50′35″N 59°14′22″E / 81.84306°N 59.23944°E / 81.84306; 59.23944 (Cape Fligely) 7002911000000000000911 7002911000000000000566 northernmost point of Eurasia, including Europe
Arctic Cape, Komsomolets Island, Severnaya Zemlya, Krasnoyarsk Krai Russia Asia 81°13′N 95°15′E / 81.217°N 95.250°E / 81.217; 95.250 (Arctic Cape) 7002981000000000000981 7002981000000000000610 all lands, northernmost point of Asia
Rossøya, Sjuøyane, Svalbard Norway Europe 80°49′45″N 20°24′0″E / 80.82917°N 20.40000°E / 80.82917; 20.40000 (Rossøya) 70031024000000000001,024 7003102400000000000636 northernmost point of Western Europe
Cape Chelyuskin, Taymyr Peninsula, Krasnoyarsk Krai Russia Asia 77°44′N 104°15′E / 77.733°N 104.250°E / 77.733; 104.250 (Cape Chelyuskin) 70031370000000000001,370 7003137000000000000850 mainland, northernmost point of mainland Eurasia and the northernmost point of any mainland continent
Murchison Promontory, Boothia Peninsula, Nunavut Canada North America 71°59′55″N 94°32′45″W / 71.99861°N 94.54583°W / 71.99861; -94.54583 (Murchison Promontory) 70032014000000000002,014 70032014000000000001,251 northernmost point of mainland North America
Point Barrow, Alaska United States North America 71°23′20″N 156°28′45″W / 71.38889°N 156.47917°W / 71.38889; -156.47917 (Point Barrow) 70032078000000000002,078 70032078000000000001,291 all lands
Knivskjellodden, Magerøya, Finnmark Norway Europe 71°11′9″N 25°40′51″E / 71.18583°N 25.68083°E / 71.18583; 25.68083 (Knivskjellodde) 70032101000000000002,101 70032101000000000001,306 Norway proper, northernmost point of Continental Europe (excluding remote islands)
North Cape, Magerøya, Finnmark Norway Europe 71°10′21″N 25°47′40″E / 71.17250°N 25.79444°E / 71.17250; 25.79444 (North Cape) 70032102000000000002,102 70032102000000000001,306 Norway proper, in popular belief referred to as the northernmost point of Europe
Cape Nordkinn, Gamvik, Finnmark Norway Europe 71°08′02″N 27°39′00″E / 71.13389°N 27.65000°E / 71.13389; 27.65000 (Cape Nordkinn) 70032106000000000002,106 70032106000000000001,309 northernmost point of Continental Europe
Vaygach Island, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia Europe 70°27′17″N 59°03′38″E / 70.45472°N 59.06056°E / 70.45472; 59.06056 (Vaygach Island) 70032181000000000002,181 70032181000000000001,355 Russia proper
Rybachiy Peninsula, Murmansk Oblast Russia Europe 69°57′N 31°57′E / 69.950°N 31.950°E / 69.950; 31.950 (Rybachiy Peninsula) 70032239000000000002,239 70032239000000000001,391 mainland

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  1. ^ Gunnbjørn Fjeld is the highest point on the Island of Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaat, the Kingdom of Denmark, and the entire Arctic.


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