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Eye Of The Storm Records is a record label. It was formed in 2003 in the south suburbs of Chicago in the city of Country Club Hills, Illinois. Often known as EOTS Records, Eye Of The Storm Records has managed to gain a respectful following and reputation throughout the underground indie music market. EOTS Records is known Rap, metal, drum n bass and video game music. In September 2010, Raven decided to reboot the record label and rebuild the website and roster from scratch due to the last official updating of the website was in 2006. The company's CEO is Brandon "Raven" Davis.

In March, 2006 Raven started an internet radio show called Raven Interviews/Eggs & Kegs Show, which plays the best indie metal from some of the metal and rock bands worldwide on New Artist Radio. Around July, 2006 the show ceased doing interviews and went 100% music. Due to the demand and growth of the radio show Raven decided to take time away from the record label and focus on radio. In 2007 Raven took his show LIVE on Hard Rock Radio Live and changed the radio show name to Raven Eggs and Kegs Radio Show. There Raven played the best local metal and major metal worldwide. The same year Raven had an article at chicagosrock.com for their April 2007 issue and Colorado Local Legend Magazine later part of 2007 and interview in The Ninth Gate Magazine in 2008. Raven and Hard Rock Radio Live parted on good terms in 2010. In 2010 Raven took some time away from Radio and returned May 2010 on 92.5 KYHY in Burbank, California and Nuclear Holocaust Radio. In August 2010, Raven decided to reboot the radio show back to its original style and format of playing Black metal, Death metal, Doom metal, Hard Rock and more local bands worldwide.

Raven's Eggs & Kegs Show on Nuclear Holocaust Radio
Wednesdays & Fridays Midnight - 2am Eastern Time
Tuesday Night 11pm - 1am Central Time
Tuesday Night 10pm - midnight Mountain Time
Tuesday Night 9pm - 11pm Pacific Time

Recent albums[edit]

  • Eye Of The Storm featuring various artists - Reconnected! (Coming 2011) Rap
  • Raven - Planet 13 (Coming 2011) Various Dance music and Drum n Bass
  • Drudge Puppet - Liver Killer (Release September 23rd 2006) Metal
  • The Wackos - Fresh off of the nutfarm (Release June 2005) Rap
  • Eye Of The Storm - Eye Of The Storm (Release year 2004) Rap

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