Eyvind Kang

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Eyvind Kang
Eyvind Kang.jpg
Eyvind Kang live with Rova: Orchestrova's Electric Ascension in Saalfelden, 2009. Photo by Davide Leonardi
Background information
Genres jazz
Instruments Violin, Tuba
Eyvind Kang, moers festival 2010

Eyvindur (Eyvind) Kang (b. Corvallis, Oregon, United States, 1971[1]), is a composer and violist. He was raised in Canada and the United States, and has since lived and worked in countries ranging from Italy to Iceland.

A recurring theme in his solo work is the "NADE", the meaning of which Kang is not willing to disclose. Referring titles include "Theme from the first NADE", "5th NADE/Invisible Man", "Theme from the sixth NADE" (all three from the debut album 7 NADEs, 1996); "Jewel of the NADE", "Mystic NADE" (both from Theater of Mineral NADEs, 1998) and "Harbour of the NADE" (Virginal Co-ordinates, 2003). His preferred instrument is the viola.

Incomplete discography[edit]

  • Dancing Flowers / Universal Indians [RGI Industries] (1995)
  • 7 NADEs [Tzadik Records] (1996)
  • Sweetness of Sickness [RGI Industries] (1996/9)
  • Dying Ground [Avant] (1998)
  • Theatre of Mineral NADEs [Tzadik Records] (1998)
  • Pieces of Time [Line 4/Spool] (1999)
  • MBEK (with Michael Bisio) [Meniscus Records] (2000)
  • The Story of Iceland [Tzadik Records] (2000)
  • In the Path of Love (with Amir Koushkani) (2001)
  • Live Low To The Earth In The Iron Age [Abduction] (2002)
  • napoli 23 [Smekkleysa] (2002)
  • Virginal Co Ordinates [Ipecac Recordings] (2003)
  • Orchestra Dim Bridges (with Tucker Martine) [Conduit] (2004)
  • Socket - Jan.14-15 [Amulet] (2005)
  • "Æstuarium (with Jessika Kenney) [Endless Records] (2005)
  • Athlantis [Ipecac Recordings] (2007)
  • The Yelm Sessions [Tzadik Records] (2007)
  • The Narrow Garden [Ipecac Recordings] (2012)
  • "Visible Breath" [Ideologic Organ] (2012)
  • "The Face of the Earth" (with Jessika Kenney) [Ideologic Organ] (2012)
  • "Grass" [Tzadik Records] (2012)
  • "Alastor, Book of Angels Volume 21" [Tzadik Records] (2014)

Guest appearances[edit]


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