Eyvind Kang

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Eyvind Kang
Eyvind Kang.jpg
Eyvind Kang live with Rova: Orchestrova's Electric Ascension in Saalfelden, 2009. Photo by Davide Leonardi
Background information
Genres jazz
Instruments Violin, Tuba, Viola, Guitar, Setar
Eyvind Kang, moers festival 2010

Eyvindur (Eyvind) Kang (b. Corvallis, Oregon, United States, 1971[1]), is a composer and violist. He was raised in Canada and the United States, and has since lived and worked in countries ranging from Italy to Iceland.

A recurring theme in his solo work is the "NADE", the meaning of which Kang is not willing to disclose. Referring titles include "Theme from the first NADE", "5th NADE/Invisible Man", "Theme from the sixth NADE" (all three from the debut album 7 NADEs, 1996); "Jewel of the NADE", "Mystic NADE" (both from Theater of Mineral NADEs, 1998) and "Harbour of the NADE" (Virginal Co-ordinates, 2003). His preferred instrument is the viola.


  • 7 NADEs (Tzadik, 1996)
  • Sweetness of Sickness (RGI Industries, 1996)
  • Dying Ground (Avant, 1998)
  • Theater of Mineral NADEs (Tzadik, 1998)
  • Pieces of Time [Line 4/Spool] (1999) with François Houle and Dylan van der Schyff
  • MBEK (Meniscus, 2000) with Michael Bisio
  • The Story of Iceland (Tzadik, 2000)
  • In the Path of Love (Golbarg, 2001) with Amir Koushkani
  • Live Low to the Earth in the Iron Age (Abduction, 2002)
  • Virginal Co Ordinates (Ipecac, 2003)
  • Orchestra Dim Bridges (Conduit, 2004) with Tucker Martine
  • Aestuarium (Endless, 2005) with Jessika Kenney
  • Athlantis (Ipecac, 2007)
  • The Yelm Sessions (Tzadik, 2007)
  • Visible Breath (Ideologic Organ, 2012)
  • The Narrow Garden (Ipecac, 2012)
  • The Face of the Earth (Ideologic Organ, 2012) with Jessika Kenney
  • Grass (Tzadik, 2012)
  • Alastor: Book of Angels Volume 21 (Tzadik, 2014)

With Bill Frisell

With Wayne Horvitz

With Billy Martin & Socket

  • January 14 & 15, 2005 (Amulet, 2005)

With Joe McPhee

With Mr. Bungle

With Secret Chiefs 3

With Skúli Sverrisson & Hilmar Jensson

  • Napoli 23 (Smekkleysa, 2002)

Guest appearances[edit]


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