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EzineArticles is an article directory that accepts unpaid submissions from authors, in exchange for links to the authors' websites and visibility for their work. The site also allows web and Ezine publishers to freely republish articles from the site, subject to certain conditions. Although minimal editorial oversight occurs and submissions are screened, it is more of a screened self-publishing site.[citation needed] In December 2013, Alexa ranked the site 646 globally and 129 in India.[1]


The website was founded by Chris Knight and generates revenue primarily from advertising; although, it also offers a few premium services. The website neither charges nor pays for submissions, and neither charges nor pays for articles to be republished.[citation needed]

EzineArticles was among the hardest hit websites by Google's major algorithm update in 2011, which hit all article directories. The site responded by becoming more selective, reducing submissions by 10%, reducing the amount of advertisements displayed on each page, and raising their minimum word count. The site considered adding nofollow tags to all links, but abandoned this idea after objections from users. One of the first copywriters to raise an objection was a person by the name of Susan Greene who explained:

EzineArticles does not exist ‘to provide information that is beneficial to the readers.’ EzineArticles is a business, not a government organization or charity. EzineArticles was created to make its owner(s) money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re a bunch of do-gooders. By the same token, the majority of us who publish on EzineArticles don’t do so to benefit readers. We too are running businesses, and EzineArticles helps our own websites get traffic and ultimately sales.[2]

In 2012 numerous contributions on Internet-based discussion forums expressed skepticism about the ongoing viability of the website from a SEO perspective.[3]

On September 11th, 2014, EzineArticles finally changed all their links from "do follow" to "nofollow". In an announcement made on the company's blog, the team cited their decision to change all links nofollow as an experiment to see how it will affect their site's traffic.


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