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Ezker Batua – Berdeak (Basque for United Left - Greens, EB) is a left wing environmentalist political party in Spain. Javier Madrazo led the party as general coordinator from 1994 to 2009.

In the 1994 Basque elections EB won 93,291 votes (9.15%) and gained its first six seats in the Basque Parliament. It was a member of the Basque Government for 8 years (between 2001 and 2009), supporting Juan José Ibarretxe of the Basque Nationalist Party as lehendakari. In 2009 it obtained 36,134 votes (3.51%). Its remaining MP in the Basque Parliament, Mikel Arana, the general coordinator, lost his seat in the 2012 Basque parliamentary elections, leaving the party without representation there.

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