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Ezra Arcana Studio.jpg
Interior Artwork from Ezra: Evoked Emotions #1.
Art by Arcana Studio.
Publication information
Publisher Arcana Studio
First appearance Kade #1 (Jan. 2004)
Created by Sean O'Reilly
In-story information
Alter ego Ezra
Team affiliations Children of the Black Sun, Kade (friend), Apollyon, Abaddon (enemies)
Abilities Rapid healing, inability to feel pain or touch and can sense evil.

Ezra is a fictional comic book character created by Sean O'Reilly, appearing in a series of comic books published through Arcana Studio.

The first appearance of Ezra was found in the first Arcana Studio comic book, Kade #1, released in 2004. Ezra's popularity grew and soon Arcana gave Ezra her own series which was immediately ranked in the top 200 books and set the pace for another series. The cover art was by Greg Horn. Ezra is now one of Arcana's most published characters and can be seen on shelves in her newest series, Evoked Emotions. She has also made appearances in Free Comic Book Day, has fought Baal, and battled alongside Kade.

Ezra is a Child of the Black Sun and the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Chain to the Abyss of Hell. Ezra was one of the first Children and really struggled to understand her role as a gothic demon hunter. Ezra's next series, Ezra: Evoked Emotions, came out in 2006 and delves into her transformation as an ageless demon hunter.

Ezra in Popular Culture[edit]

Video Games[edit]

It is rumored that Ezra will make a cameo in the upcoming Kade video game for mobile devices in 2007, developed by Indian game developer Paradox Studios.

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