Ezri Dax

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Ezri Dax
Species Trill
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Posting Counselor,
Deep Space Nine
Rank Ensign, later
Lieutenant (junior grade)
Portrayed by Nicole de Boer

Ezri Dax /ˈɛzri ˈdæks/, played by Nicole de Boer, is a main character in the seventh season of the American science fiction TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In the series narrative Ezri Dax is a counselor aboard the Federation space station Deep Space Nine.


The role of Ezri Dax was created when Terry Farrell (who played Jadzia Dax) decided to leave the show and her character was subsequently killed by Dukat.[1]

When Nicole de Boer read for the role in 1998, she was considered "one of the busiest actresses in Canada but a relative unknown south of the border".[2] She used her own camera to tape her audition.[2] De Boer admits that prior to being called to the show she did not know what a Trill was.[3] But she made sure to study, and watched previous shows, though careful not "to watch a whole bunch of Jadzia stuff."[3]

Story overview[edit]

Ezri Dax was briefly introduced in the first episode of season seven, Image in the Sand. The back story states that Ensign Ezri Tigan, a Trill Starfleet officer, upon leaving Starfleet Academy was assigned to the USS Destiny as assistant ship's counselor. She had no interest in becoming joined with a Trill symbiont.

After Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax is killed aboard Deep Space Nine, the Dax symbiont is saved by Dr. Julian Bashir and sent to Trill. However, the symbiont becomes gravely ill during its journey on the Destiny and, as the only Trill on board, Ezri is asked to join with Dax in order to save its life. Ezri is Dax's ninth host.

Upon joining, Ezri is assigned to Deep Space Nine and promoted early, because of her extensive Starfleet experience and knowledge from the Dax symbiont, to lieutenant, junior grade. She serves as counselor.

Jadzia was married to Lieutenant Commander Worf, who at first refuses to speak to Ezri, convinced that Jadzia has gone on to Sto-Vo-Kor and can no longer exist through the Dax symbiont. However, the two later become friends and, briefly, lovers.

Toward the end of the series, Ezri begins a romance with Dr. Julian Bashir.

Depiction after the series[edit]

In Pocket Books' non-canon DS9 Relaunch novels, Ezri remains on Deep Space Nine but moves from counseling to command, receiving a promotion to lieutenant and becoming executive officer of the USS Defiant. Following a mission on the Trill homeworld, she and Bashir end their romance but decide to remain close friends. In the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy Dax, who had transferred to second officer of the new Vesta-class multimission explorer starship USS Aventine, received a battlefield promotion to captain and commanding officer. She played a critical role in bringing about the final defeat of the Borg. As of the Star Trek: Typhon Pact and Star Trek: The Fall series, Dax continues to serve as captain of the Aventine.


Compared to Jadzia, Ezri comes across as very insecure.[4] Some fans derided Ezri Dax as "Ally McTrill" (in reference to the title character on Ally McBeal), and one TV Guide reviewer took a cue from the fans. Nicole de Boer, however, took this as a compliment.[5] After all, both Ally and Ezri, though being shy and self-complacent, are formidably good at their works as lawyer and spacewoman respectively.


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